Vandett0 became the head coach of Astralis Talent

The leadership of the eSports organization Astralis said on social networks that they had signed a new head coach. They became Jonas Eric 'Vandett0' Tot Jensen. The 27-year-old League of Legends coach began his career in 2020 and has worked with organizations such as GODSENT, Dusty, Tricked Esports and UCAM Esports. Together with Tricked Esports, he managed to achieve the greatest success in his career. With his help, the team was able to win the NLC 2021 Summer. Astralis hopes that the incoming Jonas Jensen will be able to help the academic roster and become the element that was missing in this mechanism to achieve the goal.

At the moment, there are four permanent players in the Astralis Talent roster. Carl 'Carlsen' Ulsted Carlsen, Christian 'Taxer' Wendelbo Bulling Jensen, Kres 'Chres' Laursen and Lars 'Chrisberg' Christiansen perform there. After signing the fifth player, Astralis Talent will be able to start full-fledged training and conquer the League of Legends scene.

Updated roster of Astralis Talent: