Kruimel left mCon Esports

Brian 'Kruimel' van Oosten has announced the end of his partnership with mCon esports Rotterdam. He did not name any reasons, but it is logical to assume that this is directly related to the unsatisfactory results of the team in the European Masters Spring 2022. The team performed very poorly there and placed 25-28th. Recall that the number of participants in the European league in LoL was just the same 28 teams.

Kruimel thanked the organization for the time spent together and said that he is primarily focused on continuing to play in the Benelux. However, if he gets an offer from a club that is on the other side of the world, then Brian is ready to move.

Kruimel's career as a professional League of Legends player began in 2014. For 8 years, he has achieved small successes, which occurred mainly in the period 2017-2022. He received the main prizes for the first place at ESL UK Premiership Autumn 2017: Division 1, Insomnia 62 and Dutch League Spring 2021. In other championships, he became a silver medalist and took other places in the standings.