Strompest is actively looking for a team in the American League

Lee Seung-min, better known to fans asStrompest, is a League of Legends mid laner in America's amateur and junior scene. Two days ago, on April 4, the player left the Wildcard Gaming team immediately after the failure at LCS Proving Grounds 2022 Spring and is now looking for a new team by the summer.

On his Twitter, Strompest stated that he is ready to consider most of the offers to play in America, mainly at the Summer Academy, LCS Amateur and Proving Grounds, where we are used to seeing him.

Also, he did not limit himself to only the role of a mid-laner and a player in general: this time Seung-min is willing to consider proposals to change the position to the top lane and even the position of a coach.


Strompest has been in the media field for a long time, since 2017 he has been actively participating in various League of Legends tournaments in America. And yet, the player has still not managed to advance beyond the same Proving Grounds.

You may know him mainly for his performance under the Supernova team tag, which he first joined in 2018 and later returned two more times. Team Gates, GG Esports Academy, ⁠FlyQuest Academy, Team Fish Taco and Wildcard Gaming are a couple more lineups that Strompest played for in the past but didn't stick around for long.

In general, the player has not yet managed to achieve serious success as an esportsman. He took 2nd and 3rd place in tournaments between college and university teams, but in more serious tournaments, luck was not in his team's favor.