T1 say goodbye to three players

T1 management has decided to terminate contracts with Cuzz, Hoit and Clozer. If the support lasted only 4 months in the main team, having played for half a year in the academy, then Cuzz and Clozer have come a long way, surviving the fall of the team.

Cuzz has been with T1 since the beginning of 2020 and managed to win the spring split of the same year. Unfortunately, due to the situation with the coronavirus, the team was not able to perform at MSI, as it was canceled, and this hit the team hard, and in particular the forester. The legendary player was replaced by Oner and now Cuzz began to act as a replacement. Now T1 has decided to abandon his services as a player, giving him the freedom to choose an organization.

Clozer played a very important role as Faker's replacement for a year and a half. It was he who came out at the most crucial moments and saved the game when it seemed that Faker could no longer cope, but the last World Championship proved the opposite and T1 decided to abandon the second mid lane. Clozer has already found a new home for the Liiv SANDBOX team.

Current T1 squad:

Current Liiv SANDBOX squad is: