Faker: "The most important thing for me is to have good results in the long term."

Lee 'Faker' Sang Hyuk, who plays in the mid lane for T1, spoke about how highly motivated he is to win the 2021 World Championship. In the last fight, he and his teammates defeated Hanwha Life. After that, he gave an interview where he mentioned his fans and said that they are his main motivation for winning the League of Legends World Championship.

He also said that no one is immune from mistakes and that professional League of Legends players should learn from them. He also shared his views on short-term and long-term results. For Faker, long-term results are much more important than short-term ones:

No professional player, myself included, can win consistently. Therefore, it is necessary to learn from mistakes and quickly correct bad habits. The most important thing for me is to have good results in the long term. I would advise other players to think along the same lines, especially during tough times.

Lee Sang Hyuk was forced to miss the 2020 World Championship last year due to poor performance during the season and in the qualifying round. This year he managed to get to the World Championship and the team is one step away from reaching the grand final. Faker is confident that the team will be able to take one more step towards victory:

I really wanted to play at this world championship and I am very glad that I have the opportunity to reach the final. But still, my main goal is victory, and I will give my best to achieve it.

Lee 'Faker' Sang Hyuk believes that he could have played much better in the last match and he expresses a desire to improve:

I could have played better against Hanhwa Life Esports, so I'll put in more effort next time. For the fans who supported me and my teammates. I will do my best because I have a great responsibility to the fans. For their sake, I must achieve a good result.

The mid-leader of Team T1 said that over time and his career in League of Legends, the esportsman has changed his way of thinking and is putting a lot of sense in self-development in his life:

[Over my career]I've gotten a little taller. As for the way of thinking... I used to enjoy the game more, but now I see matches more as an opportunity for development. So I try to get better with every game. In addition, over the past five years, I realized that I had lost my concentration. So I have to focus on this championship and the upcoming matches

In the first quarterfinal match of the 2021 World Championship, T1 and Hanwha Life Esports fought to reach the semifinals. Hanwha Life could not take a single card from their opponents and were defeated on the first, second and third maps in 33 minutes, 29 and 30 minutes, respectively. T1 secured their victory in the semifinals and 3-4 place in the standings, which guarantees a minimum prize of $ 178,000. In the next confrontation, T1 will face the winner of the DWG KIA vs MAD Lions match.


The 2021 World Championship started on October 5 and will end on November 6. The total prize pool of the League of Legends World Championship is $ 2,225,000. The winner will claim the main prize of $ 489,500, which is 22% of the prize money. The silver medalist will receive a more modest, but still large prize - $ 333,750 (15% of the prize money).