Match Prediction: Team Spirit - BetBoom Team | Dota 2

A top match awaits us at the end of the first week of the second round of DPC Eastern Europe. Team Spirit and BB Team will face off in a head-to-head encounter.

It's no news that Spirit and BB are the main contenders for the Berlin Majors and the Regional League Championship at DPC: EEU - Tour II. That fact adds weight to their encounter, which is already looking very hot given the latest developments in the teams' relations.

Team Spirit come into the game with only one win in the standings. The team is in 6th place, but shares this spot with the other 5 contestants.

BB Team are nominally first, but have almost identical figures to Team Spirit. The team has won 1 game out of 1 played.

Let's see who of the top teams from Eastern Europe will earn points in an important head-to-head encounter and pull away from the chasers in the standings.

BB Team Form

Let's start the analysis with the BB Team's form. They'll have to play as favourites in this encounter.

Bookmakers give high marks to BB's chances against a formidable opponent. The odds of success for the "team of stars" are in the region of 1.5.

In their short time in the elite division of Eastern Europe, BB have managed to acquire a reputation as strong performers. Now, even against Spirit, they look favourably placed, albeit deservedly so.

BB Team roster

The BB Team's roster is geared towards online play, and the DPC format has contributed to their success. Thanks to their individual skill-set, BB Team's players consistently outperform their league rivals.

BB Team players

  • Pure
  • gpk
  • Nightfall
  • Save-

There are no questions about the mechanical execution. Nor are there any to the macro game: the BB Team move well around the map, use smokies, warp and that's about it.

The stumbling block of the star team is morale. Within the DPC, they often lead by number one, which in turn prevents, with a few exceptions, them from finding themselves in a catch-up situation.

At the Lima Major 2023, we saw BB break down if cornered. Let's see if Spirit can create enough tension and negate the personal skill factor.

BB Team performance

Last season, the BB Team galloped through Eastern Europe. The team managed to win all 7 matches and 7 games played.

The team did not participate in any side events and fully concentrated on preparing for the Lima Major 2023. The training for the first major event of the season did not give any results.

At the Lima Major 2023, the BB Team showed a dismal performance and failed to advance beyond the group stage. The team lost the final match of the card against Geek Slate, which prevented them from playing tie-breaks to qualify for the lower reaches of the playoffs.

In the first game of the new DPC round, BB Team played against NaVi. The match ended 2-0, although NaVi struggled a bit on the first map and took the lead at one point, but they were in trouble going into midgame.

BB Team Heroes

Death Prophet remains the most frequent guest in BB Team spades. The character has appeared in spades 13 times and has a 61% win rate.

Rubick (12 games, 58% wins) and Leshrac (11 games, 72%) are also highly popular.

In addition to the above characters, Clockwerk (11 games, 72% wins), Treant Protector (9 games, 66% wins) and Hoodwink (9 games, 66% wins) have appeared in BB drafts.

Team Spirit uniforms

We continue our review with an analysis of Team Spirit's form. Here, the team is playing in underdog status.

The bookmakers know that Spirit can play Dota, and therefore a critical gap between the betting odds here is not worth waiting for. The odds on the Dragons' victory are estimated at around 2.3.

Spirit is not often seen in a catch-up position, but games against BB in the regional DPC are such a case. Moreover, this is already a trend, as the Spirit also fell behind in the last round.

Team Spirit line-up

The lag from BB Team last season could be explained by the new composition of the Dragons, and even that is a stretch. Back then, they played the last series of the regular season, so they've already had time to adapt to each other.

Team Spirit players

  • Yatoro
  • Larl
  • Collapse
  • Mira
  • Miposhka

Spirit have a lot more playing time in the new season, but it still doesn't help them much. Spirit's problems online remain.

One of the key factors preventing Spirit from beating division rivals unhindered is draft picks. Spirit gets bogged down at the pico-ban stage, which inevitably leads to losses on the cards.

Team Spirit's performance

Team Spirit finished 2nd in DPC 2023: EEU - Upper Division. In the home league, the team won 6 matches, losing only 1.

Spirit played in outside tournaments like: BB Xmas Show and BB Universe - Comics Zone. Both commercial championships Spirit finished in second place.

In the group stage of the Lima Major 2023, the Dragons lost only 1 series. They lost on the first day of games to Gaimin Gladiators, which gave them passage to the main stage of the competition.

In the first round of the playoffs, Team Spirit played against Shopify Rebellion. The latter defeated Spirit in a bright bo3.

In the next match, Spirit faced PSG.LGD. "Dragons" went 2-1 on the tour, although they lost on the first map to PSG.LGD rather than winning to Team Spirit.

In the second round match of the lower net, Spirit played against Talon. They played, and unexpectedly lost, taking the top 8 in the majors.

In the first game of DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division - Tour II, Team Spirit faced One Move. The passing opponent proved to be a tough nut to crack and managed to take one card from the Dragons, but they were not enough to win the series.

Team Spirit Heroes

Spirit's approach to drafts hasn't changed much since the end of DPC 2023: WEU - Upper Division. "The Dragons are still happy to use Tusk (9 games, 77% wins), Snapfire (9 games, 77% wins), Rubick (8 games, 75% wins).

Slightly less frequent picks are Mirana (6 matches, 50% wins). Natures Prophet, Sniper (6 games, 60% wins each) and Tiny (6 games, 40% wins) are even less common in spades.

History of head-to-head encounters

The teams previously played in the first round of DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division. BB Team triumphed then with a 2-1 win over Spirit.

Result of the match

Rather controversial thoughts on this match. One DPC game is not enough to determine the winner of the match.

Last season I had faith in Spirit, in the new round the faith has not wavered. "Dragons" can beat BB if they don't "outplay" themselves, which is a very realistic prospect: BB Team drafts well in the new patch, using fresh blanks like Shadow Demon with Abbadon.

All in all, let the BBs come out the winner, but not with a dry run. Seems the most acceptable option sounds something like this.

Bottom line: +2.5 total/BB Team win.

All bookmakers have agreed that BetBoom Team is the favorite. This can be noticed because odds on them are 1.712. This number in the favor of Team Spirit amounts 2.216. Respectively, the last ones are the underdogs of the upcoming match.

What the team performance statistics say

Last MatchesTeam Spirit BetBoom Team
5 matches (wins)33
10 matches (wins)67

Also it makes sense to remember the statistics of the matches between the teams.

The competitors have held 3 matches.

In these battles Team Spirit got 1 victories while BetBoom Team managed to take 2 matches.