Match Prediction: NaVi - Hydra | Dota 2

The last game of the first week of the second round of DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division - Tour II. NaVi and Hydra will be closing it out, and this match is in danger of becoming a very entertaining spectacle.

Both teams have shown their ability to play in their first games, but we can't call them contenders for the top 3. They have similar indicators and play more or less the same way.

Natus Vincere come to the match with a 1-1 statistic in the standings. The team did not win the first match without problems, but almost without a chance to lose the second one.

Hydra lost the first match struggling, but were unprecedented in the second. They managed to win the second series by a landslide.

Let's see which team will win this match and improve their standing in the standings before the start of next week's race.

NaVi form

We start the match review with an analysis of Natus Vincere's playing form. They are predicted to be favourites for this game.

The bookmakers are leading the tag and highlight NaVi as a strong side in this game. The chance of victory for Born to Win is estimated at odds in the region of 1.6.

For the new yellow-and-black squad, such a figure is a compliment. But, as Hydra is new to the season and not the most experienced team, even in comparison to the new NaVi, we shouldn't be surprised with the predefined odds.

NaVi line-up

In the new season, NaVi are playing "for perspective". This is reflected in their approach to line-up formation and in the playing tendencies of the new generation "born to win".

NaVi players

  • shigetsu
  • mellojul
  • Malik
  • Danial
  • Malady

It should be noted that the "newcomers" are very good in their positions. Particularly stands out mellojul, who got a chance to shine in a big team after years of being on the TIR-2 scene.

NaVi's key problem is their confidence, or rather their lack of it at certain moments. It is particularly acute when NaVi move into the midgame stage, and from there into the leyte stage.

The newly minted coach of the Ukrainian club, who previously worked with the champion roster Spirit Sword_Art, should help them with that. His impact is already evident as NaVi play with a surprising degree of discipline, which is unusual for young teams.

NaVi performance

Last season, even with their old team, NaVi finished in last place in the first round. Disgracefully relegated to the second division, "born to win" decided to cheat by buying out PuckChamp's squad, and therefore it is rational to understand why they took hopeful players to a top Eastern European club.

PuckChamp spent all of last season in the lower division of Eastern Europe. There the team finished in 2nd place, winning 5 matches and losing 2.

Before the start of the 2023 season PuckChamp played in the BB Xmas Show commercial championship and finished in top-8.

In the first match of DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division - Tour II, the team won the first match. NaVi defeated Darkside by a score of 2-1.

Natus Vincere's second match in the new round was against a more formidable opponent, nominal season leader BB Team. "Born to Win" lost that game, but on the first map looked very lively.

NaVi Heroes

In patch 7.32 NaVi most often chose Clockwerk (7 games, 57% wins), Drow Ranger (6 games, 83% wins), Primal Beast (6 games, 66% wins), Ember Spirit (6 games, 66% wins).

With the release of 7.32e the preference of the Yellow-Blacks is likely to change dramatically. We will watch with interest to see what will surprise or disappoint Natus Vincere.

Hydra uniforms

We continue with our analysis of Hydra's form. They will play this match in the status of the outsider.

The bookmakers do not believe much in the success of Hydra, but a strong gap in the match is not expected. The odds on the top division newcomers to win are around 2.

The figure is quite workable and fairly conditional. Based on the results of the first games, Hydra do not look like the whipping boys they might have seemed before the start of the second round.

Hydra's line-up

Hydra are also quite good with their squad. The squad is fairly well rounded and battle-hardened with local events and tournaments in Eastern Europe.

Hydra Players

  • dream`
  • Worick
  • Cloud
  • Lefitan
  • HappyDyurara

Hydra play quite meticulously, skillfully taking advantage of the patch's characters. They can put up a good fight against serious competitors.

It's worth noting the same dream. The player has enough persistence and perseverance, for it is not the first year he walked around the elite division, and now they are here and now look pretty good.

Of the added pluses is the ability to draft. You can see that.

Hydra's performance

Hydra have made it through to Division One of eastern Europe thanks to an excellent performance in League Two. The team did not lose a single series in the first round.

In 16 maps, only 2 were given up. They lost one card each to HF and PuckChamp.

In addition to DPC Hydra act as a regular guest of third-party championships. So even before the start of the first season the team played in tournaments like EPL Winter Holidays 2022-2023 where they placed in TOP-1, European Pro League Season 6 where they placed in TOP-12, but in Neon League Season 1 the team was disqualified due to suspicion of foul play, but without any consequences for them.

In the first match of DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division - Tour II, Hydra took on One Move. They managed to pick up one card with the help of Slark-a and Beastmaster-a with Snapfire.

Next Hydr's more established rivals were SoNNeiKo and and RodjER as part of Darkside. Initially, the latter was the favorite, but Hydra literally outclassed their opponents.

Hydra Heroes

The most popular Hydra hero is Tusk (22 matches, 81% win percentage). Another popular hero is Beastmaster (17 matches, 64% win rate).

Also playing Clockwerk (14 games, 78% win rate), Disruptor with a similar figure (14 games, 78% win rate). Also piked Keeper of the Light, who was raised with Patch 7.32e (13 games, 100% wins).

History of head-to-head encounters

Previously, the teams have not played against each other in head-to-head encounters. The match in the second round of DPC will be the teams' debut.

Result of the game

In this matchup, I expect an evenly matched contest. Despite the global difference between the tags, I see the teams as close as possible.

NaVi has a little more faith, but I can't guarantee their victory. Natus Vincere play shy, and therefore Hydra have all chances to play aggressively, taking at least a card.

Bottom line: total +2.5.

At the moment, the majority of bookmakers unanimously see the team Hydra as the favorite of the game with average odds on a victory in the sum of 1.573. NaVi chances to prevail are evaluated with average odds 4.454 by bookmakers.

What are the successes of the teams in the last games

Last MatchesNaVi Hydra
5 matches (wins)15
10 matches (wins)29

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets.

The teams played 0 matches with each other before.

In these matches NaVi won 0 times, Hydra active consisits of 0 wins.