Match Prediction: BetBoom Team - NaVi | Dota 2

The Dota festivities continue in Eastern Europe, entitled DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division - Tour II. As part of the regular season, 8 teams battle it out for $205,000 and 920 DPC points.

The race for the prizes will see the best in the region battle it out. Game day three will see a pair of top-3 favourites face off.

NaVi will face BB Team in the second match of the day. The game is critical to the future state of affairs.

Natus Vincere approach the game with victory in their opening match. The team is positioned at the top of the table with 1 win in the standings.

BB Team have not yet started the battle in the new round. The collective will play their first match.

We'll try to figure out which team will be stronger in the principal match and beat their direct rival for a place in the top 3.

BB Team Form

Let's start our review of the match with the BB Team's jerseys. The team of local stars will be the favourites.

Bookmakers believe in the success of the BB Team. The odds of gpk and company winning are estimated at odds in the region of 1.2.

The bookmakers relied on BB's performance last season in assessing the team's strength. The BB Team dominated the home stage in the first DPC cycle, and truth be told, there is no reason to believe anything will change this cycle.

BB Team line-up

There have been no changes to the BB Team roster since the last DPC draw. The same top local players still play in the squad.

BB Team players

  • Pure
  • gpk
  • Nightfall
  • Save-

The players stayed, and with them the problems stayed. BB is a star team, but not a star team.

The team's success is based on the personal performance of the players, and they have the skill, as evidenced by other professional doters, as well as the results of the last season. What they lack is discipline and teamwork in high level games.

BB Team performance

Last season BB Team have been galloping through Eastern Europe. The team managed to win all 7 matches and 7 games played.

The team did not participate in any side events, devoting themselves fully to preparing for the Lima Major 2023. The training for the first major event of the season did not give any results.

At the Lima Major 2023, the BB Team showed a dismal performance and failed to advance beyond the group stage. The team lost their final map match against Geek Slate, which left them without a chance to play the tiebreakers for the playoffs' bottom draw.

BB Team heroes

Death Prophet remains the most frequent guest in BB Team spades. The character has appeared in spades 13 times and has a 61% win rate.

Rubick (12 games, 58% wins), Leshrac (11 games, 72%), Clockwerk (11 games, 72%) are highly popular.

In addition to the above characters, Clockwerk (11 games, 72% wins), Treant Protector (9 games, 66% wins) and Hoodwink (9 games, 66% wins) appeared in BB drafts.

NaVi's form

Let's continue with the analysis of the game form of "born to win". NaVi is seen as an outsider in this match.

The gap between the teams is quite high, as indicated by the winning odds. A successful outcome for the "yellow and black" is estimated at a figure in the region of 3.

BB's almost threefold lead over NaVi is due to several factors at once. These include NaVi's performance in the first leg, as well as the recent reshuffle of their roster prior to the start of the second leg.

Natus Vincere line-up

The Natus Vincere roster has changed more than globally in the new season. In fact, we see a completely new team that previously played under the PuckChamp tag.

NaVi players

  • shigetsu
  • mellojul
  • Malik
  • Danial
  • Malady

NaVi decided to take the path of radical changes to the team. The club management decided to give the way to the youngsters and to sign the fighting roster of PuckChamp, which has already yielded minimal results in a short period of time.

NaVi coach and analyst Sword_Art remains an important link in the squad. The specialist joined the roster of "born to conquer" on March 11 and has previously worked with title clubs like Spirit (with whom he was with during The International 2021).

NaVi's efficiency

Last season, still with the old team, NaVi finished in last place in the first round. Disgracefully relegated to the second division, "born to win" went for a trick by buying out the PuckChamp squad, and therefore it is rational to examine why the hopeful players were taken to the top Eastern European club.

PuckChamp spent all of last season in the lower division of Eastern Europe. There the team finished in 2nd place, winning 5 matches and losing 2.

Before the start of the 2023 season PuckChamp played in the BB Xmas Show commercial championship and finished in top-8.

In the first match of DPC 2023: EEU Upper Division - Tour II, the team won the first match. NaVi beat Darkside by a score of 2-1.

Natus Vincere Heroes

In patch 7.32e NaVi most often chose Clockwerk (7 matches, 57% wins), Drow Ranger (6 matches, 83% wins), Primal Beast (6 games, 66% wins), Ember Spirit (6 matches, 66% wins).

With the release of 7.32e the preference of the Yellow-Blacks is likely to change dramatically. We will watch with interest to see what will surprise or disappoint Natus Vincere.

History of their head-to-head encounters

BB once played against NaVi back in their last iteration. The BB won then, although the match was not the easiest, but now NaVi are quite different.

The outcome of the match

In this match, I expect a pretty good quality dota. There is a feeling that NaVi have a chance to clinch the season.

In this game, I expect at least one card taken from them. They will be able to do it, but to win they need to play with more confidence, and in the first match against Darkside they had problems with that.

Bottom line: +1.5 on Natus Vicncere.

BetBoom сыграют против NAVI в рамках первого дивизиона DPC - Восточная Европа. Прогноз и аналитика на данный поединок!

Аналитика по команде BetBoom

В целом, BetBoom всегда круто играют в онлайне против команд из Восточной Европы, но вот на LAN и Мажорах что-то идет не по плану. Я бы списывал все на болезнь игроков, так как индивидуально они очень сильны, даже когда Енигма прыгает в Хроно Войда. Они невероятно крутые на лайнинга и им нужно научиться реализовывать свое преимущество после лайнов более удачно. Так как на Мажоре с этим точно были проблемы. Главная их слабость это легкая: TORONTOTOKYO + Pure, но может на новом патче они сыграют лучше. Сила у BetBoom в миде для gpk и их сложной Save + Nightfall.

Аналитика по команде NAVI

В межсезонье NAVI сделали две замены с состава PuckChamp. Mellojul заменил young G, а Malady пришел вместо Hduo. Начали они сезон с победы над Darkside, дважды сыграли с IO и Skywrath Mage, хотят играть активно и искать пик-оффы. Shigetsu хорошо стоит линию, а потом может пару раз критически ошибиться. Как было в центре перед важным Рошаном в игре с Darkside. Если брать конкретно матч против BetBoom, тут mellojul не выстоит мид против gpk, а Nightfall + Save должны снести их легкую.

Прогноз на матч NAVI против BetBoom

Явный фаворит против явного аутсайдера и я однозначно согласен с такими котировками. Для меня, gpk точно сильнее Mellojul, а линия Save + Nightfall сильнее Malady + Shigetsu. Вне зависимости что будут чудить TORONTOTOKYO и Pure, я за 2:0 от BetBoom.

Прогноз: BetBoom победит NAVI 2:0
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All bookmakers have agreed that BetBoom Team is the favorite. This can be noticed because odds on them are 1.119. This number in the favor of NaVi amounts 5.516. Respectively, the last ones are the underdogs of the upcoming match.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last MatchesBetBoom Team NaVi
5 matches (wins)31
10 matches (wins)72

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets.

The participants in the battle before the meeting played 6 matches with each other.

And BetBoom Team won 4 times while NaVi correspondingly became the winner 2 times.