Match Prediction: BetBoom Team - One Move | Dota 2

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We open the second day of games for the second week of DPC 2023: Division 1 Tour 3 with a betting contest for the BB Team - One Move match. One of the central confrontations of the week, no less.

Things are heating up as we get closer to finding out who will take part in The International 2023. The teams that were performing well before the third round are desperately trying to collect DPC points in the final season, and the BB Team is one of them.

The BB Team have played well at DPC all year and a potential victory at DPC 2023: EEU Division 1 Tour 3 could guarantee them a ticket to The International 2023. However, it's too early to relax as the competition is not an easy one.

Let's find out how this match will end, who will be stronger and who will score the points they need in the end.

BB Team Form

Let's start the analysis with the BB Team's form. In this match, they will play as favourites.

The bookmakers confirm BB's pre-match position. The odds on them to win the match are around 1.2. BB remain the clear favourite in the local league.

And, by the way, they are. These five are traditionally good at playing in comfortable conditions, and the online DPC format is just such an environment.

In the first round of DPC 2023: EEU Division 1 BB Team played briskly. The then assembled team alone proved their status and closed the league in their favour without too much trouble, earning a tidy sum of DPC points. This did not help them on the international stage, as they failed to qualify from the group for The Lima Major 2023.

The second cycle followed more or less the same pattern, but the result was much worse. BB Team finished DPC 2023: Tour 2 in third place. However, on the international stage, the same stability: not getting out of the group stage of The Berlin Major 2023.

  • BB Team line-up: Nightfall, gpk, Pure, Save, TORONTOTOKYO .

BB before Long Songpeg's third season swapped Nightfall and Pure. The former returned to the carry role with which he started on the professional scene, while Pure became a trio.

So far, things have been pretty successful, with BB holding a leading position in the standings. The team has two wins in two matches: 2-0 against Hydra and 2-0 against

Most popular BB Team heroes

The most used BB Team character remains Storm Spirit (5 matches, 60% wins). In addition the team plays with Primal Beast and Pugna in position 4, and both heroes have 4 matches and 100% wins each. In spades was Enchantress (4 matches, 25% wins), Beastmaster (4 games, 0% wins).

Pure's transition to the offlaneer position has gone smoothly so far. There are no questions about Nightfall, as he has already played in the Berlin Major 2023 and was very convincing.

One Move Form

Let's move on to parsing One Move's playing form. In this match, they are playing in underdog status, which makes perfect sense.

The bookmakers don't have much faith in One Move winning, estimating the odds to win as disappointing. The odds are at 4.1.

A figure like that doesn't come from anywhere. One Move, though strong midfielders, are no more than that.

If BB Team are consistently in the top 3, One Move are only "coming up" to the top of the table. From season to season they show the DPC dot, but still always fall short.

It was not enough in the first round of the DPC when One Move finished the league in 5th place at 2-5, but "nibbled" at the top. A similar situation was repeated in the second round of DPC 2023.

The second season of DPC One Move did even better, but paradoxically the result was the same. One Move took the map from all the top teams in the region, including Team Spirit, 9Pandas and BB Team, but did not manage to break above the top 4, although with a score of 3-4 this time.

  • One Move: Munkish~, Ainkrad, AfterLife, Gilgir, pantomem.

One Move also had attempts to play in local tournaments, but they cannot be called successful. I would like to say that DPC 2023: Division 1 Tour 3 is doing better, but that is not entirely true.

One Move has started for good health, but continues to be so-so. You might as well be in the top 5, for once.

One Move started with a 2-0 win against UALEIKUMNIHAO and later went 2-0 up against Hydra. Something didn't go right next.

The blank defeat by 9Pandas is understandable, they are the main contender to win the league, but the loss to Nemiga is not what you expect from a team that has been a contender for the top spot in the league for a season. One Move are now nominally in second place, but the scoreline is 2-2 and plenty of adventures lie ahead.

The most popular One Move heroes

The most favoured One Move hero from the previous season was Tiny (31 games, 54% win rate). Next are Pangolier (19 games, 57% wins), Mirana (19 games, 52% wins), Rubick (19 games, 47% wins).

Also appearing in spades for One Move were Tusk (17 matches, 52% wins), Timbersaw (16 matches, 56% wins), Ember Spirit (15 matches, 60% wins).

Given their past experience, One Move are capable of squeezing at least a card, if not a series. However, we can't hold out much hope for that.

One Move - BB Team history

This season, the teams have played each other twice. Both times, BB Team won, but in the last season, BB gave the card away.

Match outcome

In this match we expect BB Team to win, but the main The International riga is whether One Move can pick up one card. My bet is no, as One Move's recent games, especially against Nemiga, do not inspire confidence.

Bottom line: BB Team win 2-0.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in BetBoom Team victory. Odds on them are equal to 1.117. According to bookmakers data, One Move are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 6.64.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last MatchesBetBoom Team One Move
5 matches (wins)24
10 matches (wins)75

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 9 matches with each other. In these matches BetBoom Team won 8 times, One Move active consisits of 1 wins.