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DreamLeague Season 21 continues. We're still watching the group stage of the $1,000,000 tournament and we're still watching the Group B matches.

OG and Quest will play in one of the side-by-side Group B matches. The European derby will be the first round match of the second day of games.

Both teams showed quite different Long Corner. OG, unexpectedly, are in the leading position in the standings while Quest Long Corner with a loss and a draw.

Let's find out what to expect from this match and whether this European derby will result in a winner of the series.

Let's go.

OG Form

Let's open the match with an analysis of OG's form. In this match OG are the favourites.

The bookmakers are pointing to the advantage of OG. The odds for OG victory are at around 3.3.

OG managed to take the lead thanks to a good Long Sogpeg in the tournament. The once two-time world champions ended the first day of play on a high note, although they had been struggling before Long Sogpeg DreamLeague Season 21.

At DPC 2023: WEU Division 1 Tour 1, OG failed to guarantee themselves a spot in the top 4 and consequently missed out on The Lima Major 2023. Things seemed to pick up during the second round of DPC 2023: WEU Division 1 Tour 2. Then OG made a strong-willed comeback and made it to the Top 4 after tiebreaks.

At the Berlin Major, the team played with two stand-ins and made it to the top 6, but it seems that those stand-ins were the secret to their success. After returning to regular season matches with a full roster, OG looked critically bad, but at the last moment they improved.

At DPC 2023: WEU Tour 3, OG Long Team went down to the wire, but managed to keep their place in the top division by finishing in the top 5 in the third round of the professional season. By the way, at the last DreamLeague S19 OG also took the 5th place and this is an indicator, but it is unlikely to be repeated in the new season.

  • OG roster: Yuragi, bzm, MinD_ControlL, Ceb, Taiga .

After a year-long extravaganza, Ceb is the new OG player. OG resorted to their ultimatum weapon during DreamLeague Season 20, but it didn't help them and OG finished in the top 20.

After DreamLeague Season 20, OG attended another championship of a larger calibre, the Riyadh Masters 2023. Unfortunately for them, they ended it on a Minor note - in TOP-14.

"Closed" the season with a performance at the closed Western European qualifiers for The International 2023. Once two-time world champions failed to pass the most competitive qualifying round and as a result OG flew past The International.

At DreamLeague Season 21, OG debuted on a high note. The team defeated EG 2-0 and drew against Gaimin Gladiators, which is not bad.

Most Popular OG Characters

Among the favourite OG characters: Keeper of the Light (6 matches, 83% wins), Phantom Lancer (5 matches, 60% wins).

Most successful: Crystal Maiden (4 matches, 100% wins), Underlord (4 matches, 100% wins), Alchemist (3 matches, 100% wins), Storm Spirit (3 matches, 100% wins), Storm Spirit (3 matches, 100% wins), Void Spirit (3 matches, 100% wins).

Quest Esports uniforms

We continue our match breakdown with an analysis of Quest Esports' match performance. In this match, the resident of Western Europe will play the second number, but with a minimal gap.

Bookmakers give Quest victory odds around 3.5. The odds are pretty easy to explain.

Quest have been better than OG all year, but at this tournament they are not playing with a full squad. OG, in principle, also perform with a replacement, but as we can see, it is not so critical and plays more like a plus.

Quest Esports became one of the main discoveries of the season. They started their climb to the top with a top-5 finish at DPC 2023: WEU Upper Division Tour 2. The team fell one map short of reaching the Berlin Major 2023, but not enough.

In the third round of DPC 2023: WEU Tour 3 the team again showed a top game and that time they had enough. It was enough for the top 3 of the tournament, and as a result, they made it to The Bali Major 2023.

  • Quest Esports roster: TA2000, No!ob, Malik, OmaR, kaori.

During the Bali Major 2023 Quest Esports showed from the very beginning of the tournament that they did not come there to rest. The team finished top-1 in their group and then went to play in the top set of play-offs. In the end, Quest's jaunt through The Bali Major 2023 ended with them in 4th place.

Having travelled to the Riyadh Masters 2023 with a replacement in the lineup, Quest Esports did not lose their team scilll. In their Play-In group the team took a confident first place, losing only 1 match out of 5.

The group stage of the Saudi tournament also proved to be no match for Quest. Residents of Western Europe confidently took the top 1 in Group A, thereby guaranteeing themselves passage to the top grid play-offs. But the main stage did not start the way the European club would have liked. In a tense game against Talon TA2000 and Ledge were defeated 1-2.

In the first round of the lower grid, Quest played against PSG.LGD. They did not feel the Chinese - they won 2-0.

And then Quest Esports met with Gaimin Gladiators. The three-time Major champions defeated Quest on class with the score 2-0.

After Riyadh Masters 2023 Quest Esports played at the qualifiers for The International 2023. They managed to finish in the top 2, which allowed them to qualify for the main tournament of the year.

On the first day of DreamLeague Season 21 Quest played against BB Team and Evil Geniuses. They lost to the former, but the Peruvians managed to take away the map.

The most popular characters Quest Esports

Among the most popular Quest characters: Shadow Demon (14 matches, 71% wins), Snapfire (14 matches, 64% wins), Techies (12 matches, 83% wins).

Also playing with Undying (9 games, 77% wins), Templar Assassin (8 matches, 50% wins).

There is also Silencer (7 games, 100% wins), Medusa (7 games, 100% wins), Doom (7 matches, 85% wins), Enchantress (7 matches, 71% wins).

History of head-to-head meetings

In terms of head-to-head encounters, the advantage is clearly on Quest's side. They have won three times, while OG snatched a draw at Riyadh Masters 2023.

Predicted result of the match OG - Quest Esports

The history of head-to-head meetings suggests a clear advantage on Quest's side. However, the objective situation is somewhat different and OG are looking very buoyant at DreamLeague Season 21. MinD_ControlL factor plays its role. I'm sure they will take at least a map, and there as it goes.

Bottom line: +1.5 on OG.

According to leading bookmakers predictions, the team OG are the favorite with average odds 3.942 at the moment. Respectively, bookmakers consider Quest Esports to be the outsider of the match with odds on a victory in the sum of about 5.932.

Team statistics in recent matches

Last MatchesOG Quest Esports
5 matches (wins)24
10 matches (wins)47

Gamblers will definitely be interested in the statistics of personal meetings between the teams. The teams played 4 matches with each other before. In these matches OG won 0 times, Quest Esports active consisits of 3 wins.