Match Prediction: BetBoom Team - Team Spirit | Dota 2

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EGamersWorld continues our DreamLeague Season 21 match breakdown series. We're still talking about what's happening in the group stage of the last commercial tournament before The International 2023.

We've already looked at the first round of matches in Group B and now we move on to the second round of matches. One of them is the match between Team Spirit and BB Team.

The East European derby promises to be hot. The two teams claim the championship in the region and so far it is held by Spirit. However, after DreamLeague Season 21 the situation may change.

In general, the match promises to be important and should be The International heated. We will try to find out how it will end, whether any of the teams will be able to take a clean victory and earn important points.

Let's go.

Team Spirit uniforms

Let's open the match analysis with an analysis of Team Spirit's form. In this match, they will have to play the first number one.

The bookmakers point to this, but there is a nuance. The odds on Team Spirit's victory are around 3.4. And that's the nuance.

It is no secret that in Bo2 such a figure does not give any guarantees. Moreover, it indicates parity between the sides.

In the first round of DPC 2023: EEU Division 1 Spirit were ranked 2nd. Then the dragons were prevented from winning by BB Team, who finished the tournament in first place with a score of 7-0. After playing in their home league, Team Spirit visited The Lima Major 2023 where they finished in the top 8.

Later Spirit played the second round of the home league and again finished in the top 2. Going to The Berlin Major 2023 they expected to improve the result of the previous Major, but in the end it got worse: already TOP-12.

Despite the "sluggish" game on the international arena, Spirit still consistently come out of the groups at the Major, and at home they look like the main contender for victory in every game. This was the case in the third season of DPC 2023.

Spirit finished the Eastern Europe final cycle in first place. It took 3 attempts to earn the championship in Eastern Europe.

  • Team Spirit roster: Yatoro, Larl, Collapse, Mira, Miposhka.

The last tournament before DreamLeague Season 20 for the Dragons was DreamLeague S20. There the representatives of Eastern Europe took the top 5, which is not a bad indicator, considering the above mentioned performance for the year.

Spirit visited The Bali Major 2023, but their trip there ended in failure. The team finished in the top 12 and didn't make it to the prizes.

Team Spirit made it to the Riyadh Masters 2023 directly into the group stage. The Dragons finished with a score of 8-6 and the second place in Group A.

Once in the play-offs Team Spirit started their way to the grand finals. In the first match they outplayed Team Aster, after a very difficult Long Srpeg on two maps.

Next was BB Team and almost identical series: Spirit fell behind on all 3 maps, but somehow won 2-1.

In the match to reach the grand finals they played against Liquid. After giving up the first map, they cameback on the second and demolished Liquid on the third. At the Riyadh Masters 2023, Spirit were transformed into macro masters. Not least because of this, Spirit became the champions of the biggest tournament of the year.

Before this match Spirit will play against GG. There we expect them to fight and take maps at the very least.

The most popular Team Spirit characters

The top of the most popular Team Spirit characters is headed by Crystal Maiden. The character has appeared in the peak 6 times and has an 83% win rate.

Apart from Crystal Maiden, Disruptor and Underlord are also appreciated, having been peaked 5 times each with 80% winrate. There was also Skywrath Mage (4 matches, 100% wins), Doom (4 matches, 75% wins), PL, Viper, Slark, Riki appeared 3 times each and has 100% wins.

BB Team uniforms

Let's move on to the analysis of BB Team's form. In this match the team will play in a catch-up status.

The odds for a BB victory are at around 3.8. Expect an evenly matched battle.

In the first season of the regional league BB Team took the top 1, very confidently running over their main opponents Spirit and HR. However, the success was quickly overshadowed by their performance at Lima Major 2023, where BB failed to make it out of the group.

A few inconclusive events later, BB Team began play in the second division of the DPC. This time the situation changed dramatically, from top 1 to top 3, but on the international stage everything was stable: another failure to get out of the group at the Major e.

The third season of DPC was held under the slogan "it's time to get back", but somehow it didn't work out, something didn't go well and in the end - TOP-2. Again, kind of significant, but if we compare Western and Eastern Europe, TOP-2 in the first case is much more prestigious than BB's achievement.

  • BB Team line-up: Nightfall, gpk, Pure, Save, TORONTOTOKYO.

BB Team's moment of glory was DreamLeague Season 20. Having got to the tournament quite by chance (they replaced Execration), the Eastern European residents managed to make it to the grand final of the tournament, where they beat Gladiators, but eventually lost with the score 2-3.

After a solid group stage at The Bali Major 2023 with a 4-2-2 from BB, Eastern European Resident made it to the top set of play-offs. There the team outplayed Tundra Esports, but due to a tournament rules violation that result was cancelled. As a result, Bali Major 2023 ended for BB Team in the top 12.

After the last Major tournament of the season BB Team attended a number of other events. Among them is the Riyadh Masters 2023. At the biggest commercial tournament of the season, BB Team made it to the top 6, which is pretty good.

In addition to the Riyadh Masters 2023 BB Team also made an appearance at the BB Dacha. The tournament from the main sponsor BB Club finished without having started: BB Team failed to get out of the group and as a result finished in the top 8.

In the first match of the tournament BB will play against Quest. To tell the truth, there can't be easy opponents here, and that's why in the match against Quest BB should take a card and at least a card.

The most popular BB Team characters

The most used BB Team character is Storm Spirit (5 matches, 60% wins). The team also plays with Primal Beast and Pugna at position 4, and both heroes have 4 matches and 100% wins each. In spades was Enchantress (4 matches, 25% wins), Beastmaster (4 games, 0% wins).

History of personal meetings between Team Spirit and BB Team

Over the year, the teams have played each other 5 times. So far the statistics are in favour of Team Spirit, who have won 3 times.

Predicted result of Team Spirit vs BB Team at DreamLeague Season 21

Taking into account the history of head-to-head meetings and the teams' current conditioning, I believe in Team Spirit in this match. However, the closest and most realistic result is a draw, which is what I recommend betting on.

Bottom line: draw.

BetBoom is the 6th team of the world ranking. In their region, the first round of DPC confidently finish in the 1st position. This is followed by the organisation's disastrous performance at Lima Major, where they take a disappointing 15th-16th place. The second round of DPC finishes in 3rd place, giving way to the leading places to HR and Spirit respectively. The team was not invited to Dreamleague. Berlin Major is also very sad, finishing in 13th-14th place. The team is not doing well at the lanes. After that they decided to change positions between Nightfall and Pure. In the 3rd round they take the 2nd place, passing only Spirit. The DreamLeague S20 is a great event, with a very hard fought 2nd place, losing in the finals to GG. Although I think they were stronger. They foolishly took only 9th-12th place at Bali Major, when they should have reached the finals and maybe even won.

Team Spirit is the 2nd team of the world ranking. At the first DPC of their region they take the 2nd place, missing BetBoom. At the second DPC a similar situation happens, but this time they are passed by HellRaisers(9 Pandas). Lima Major was pretty good, although they could have gone higher. They finished in 7th-8th place. DreamLeague finishes rather sadly. 9th-10th place in the table. Berlin Major is going through a similar trend. They take 9th-12th place. DPC have a phenomenal 3rd round, finishing with the statistics 7-0. DreamLeague S20 is also becoming successful for the team. They finished the tournament on a confident 5th place. Bali Major was not so pleasant, we ended up in 9th-12th place.

It is very difficult to judge without seeing the form of the teams. I think a draw in this case is the most logical assumption.

I am a prognosticator, I live only for this. I devote all my time to it. I have no other interests.

I have been doing it for quite a long time and have achieved some success in it. It's up to everyone to believe me or not. But why not give it a try? Maybe you like this kind of life too!

Prediction: Draw!

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Team Spirit are listed as the favorites of the match in the majority of bookmakers and odds on them are equal to 3.901. BetBoom Team, in turn, are the outsiders of the match. Odds on their victory are about 4.186.

How did the participants perform in the last matches

Last MatchesBetBoom Team Team Spirit
5 matches (wins)04
10 matches (wins)48

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets. The teams played 7 matches with each other before. In these battles BetBoom Team got 3 victories while Team Spirit managed to take 4 matches.