Interview with DC.DuBu

First of all, can you tell how did was Team Onyx formed?
It was basically BuLba, who made this team, it was not me. Bulba and Jimmy, those two were members initially and then they recruited the other three: mason, me and Abed.

Abed was the last one. Why Abed?
Because not only we, but everyone thought that he was very good in the middle.

Was Team Onyx the only team that you had an invitation to join?
It wasn’t the only one option but the way the team was formed and the way the team worked were looked good.

Why did you move from Korea to North America?
I felt like after The Boston Major, where we’d got the last place, that I needed something new instead of just staying in the same spot.

Let’s talk about the team Digital Chaos. How was that feel that you went to Digital Chaos after Team Onyx and, while being without the organization, you was signed like the best team in America?
It was really cool and happy because all our efforts were got paid.

Was the qualification to The Kiev Major hard?
It was hard for us. Yeah, I mean, It wasn’t that easy of course because there were so many good teams. There were NP, compLexity. Everyone knows that they are good teams. First few days we struggled a bit hard because maybe everyone talked and then we played differently, lead and practice. After a few days we figured out some heroes or some styles by our self and then it worked lastly.

Did you expect the first place?
Yeah, of course.

About the group stage like in The Kiev Major. Was it pretty hard for you or was it easy?
To be honest, every game in The Kiev Major was really difficult for us, because Abed had an issue to get a UA visa. We hadn’t been even really able to practice before we came here and there was a huge patch between the qualifier and the main event. It was really hard to catch all or like make our own start after because we had a lack of time.

Did you have a bootcamp?
We had a boot camp in Kiev maybe like 4 or 5 days, you know. It wasn’t that long, we couldn’t really prepare for this event.

What do you think about a Swiss group format?
The only thing that made me difficult to work was that we didn’t know when we were gonna play next. After one game just some delay or you know, it’s random, so it was hard to expect.

What about the Midas style of The Kiev Major? Is it good and why?
Compared to the last patch, a creep gold and an XP got reduced. So after some team movement people have to catch up with a try to take a tower, that’s not like the last patch, you can’t just swap and get a gold from creeps.

What is your next plan for The International? Where will you play - in Digital Chaos or somewhere else?
I don’t know, I haven’t really decided yet.

Will you make a reshuffle after The Kiev Major?
No, I will just gonna stay with the team.