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Match Prediction: FaZe Clan - NiP | CS2 (CS:GO)

BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023
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FaZe ClanstatsNiP(-:-; -:-)
60%Map WR:-Win rate of teams on this map in the last 3 months.
FaZe ClanstatsNiP(-:-; -:-)
66.7%Map WR:-Win rate of teams on this map in the last 3 months.
FaZe ClanstatsNiP(-:-; -:-)
40%Map WR:33.3%Win rate of teams on this map in the last 3 months.
Map picks:Match lineup core winrate, past 3 month, min. 3 maps played
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FaZe Clan Will win

Welcome to EGamersWorld.

Let's meet another dose of good CS2 with the start of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2023. At the end of November, 8 top teams from Europe and America will battle it out for the right to advance to World Finals 2023, the final tournament in the BLAST event series.

In addition, the clubs will play for a prize pool of $425,000, which also adds to the prestige of BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2023. All in all, beautiful games are almost certainly assured. And they will start in the group stage, where the participants are divided into 2 baskets with 4 teams in each. We'll talk about group A, where FaZe and NiP play among others.

We will try to understand which team will be stronger and will get the first victory in the group. Let's go.

FaZe uniform

FaZe Clan

Let's open the match analysis with the analysis of FaZe Clan's form. In this match, perhaps, the best team in the world will play the first number one, with the odds to win around 1.3.

One of the most stable teams of the season has quite an extensive record in the first half of the year. However, it is predominantly made up of "near" top results.

From the main achievements - getting into the top three at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023 and winning at ESL Pro League Season 17. Also this year FaZe got the award for the 4th season of Intel Grand Slam, enriched by $1,000,000.

Speaking of award tournaments, there was less luck here. Top-12 at IEM Rio 2023, and Top-4 at IEM Dallas 2023. At the only Major e in the season FaZe did not cope with the tension, but made it to TOP-8.

Before the Long Conference IEM Cologne 2023 they attended two tournaments of BLAST series: Spring Final 2023 and Fall Groups 2023. At the Finals they were ranked Top 6, and at the Fall Groups 2023 they were in the top three, earning themselves a slot at the Autumn Finals.

  • FaZe Clan line-up: karrigan, rain, Twistzz, ropz, broky.

Despite the ubiquitous Reshuffle and rather "average" results for the year, FaZe didn't change the main roster. However, there were some substitutions: FaZe presented a new coach, who became the legendary Pole NEO. On his post he replaced the legendary RobbaN and it affected FaZe's gameplay in IEM Cologne 2023, where FaZe took the top-12.

The setbacks continued from there onwards. At Gamers8 2023 FaZe Clan took a similar place (9-12), Ledgeiv at the Long Segment of the Vp tournament with the score 2-0.

Things didn't go too well at ESL Pro League Season 18. FaZe made it to the play-offs on the top grid of Group C, beating 9Z Team and Fnatic, but in the match for seeding in the main stage they lost to NaVi with the score 0-2. However, FaZe didn't manage to play long at ESL Pro League Season 18: in the first play-offs match, which for FaZe started from the second stage, the team met MOUZ. The future EPL champions sent FaZe Clan home. As a result FaZe found themselves on the 9-12th place of the top tournament.

FaZe rehabilitated quite quickly. Already at IEM Sydney 2023 they triumphed with the victory over CoL in the grand final.

Thunderpick World Championship 2023 FaZe Clan have a great time. The titular European club passed the group stage without problems becoming the best team of the quartet B, and then took part in the play-offs of the championship.

The first opponent for FaZe in the play-offs of Thunderpick World Championship 2023 was MOUZ. A serious opponent, but FaZe did well: 2-1 in favour of the champions of IEM Sydney 2023.

Later MOUZ played against C9 in the match for the final of the tournament and won. They finished what they started with a match against Vp in the Grand Final of Thunderpick World Championship 2023, becoming the champion of the $500,000 online tournament.

Prior to the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2023 FaZe attended the CS Asia Championship. At the time of this betting tira, the best team in the world was awaiting their opponent in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Mapple FaZe Clan

The best team of FaZe is Mirage. They played 12 matches and won 9 of them.

Next were Overpass with 8 matches and 5 wins. They play Nuke (7 matches, 4 wins), Inferno (9 matches, 5 wins). Worse is Ancient with 3 wins in 6 matches, and worst of all was Anubis. His FaZe was picked 7 times, but played with a winrate of 42%.

Not playing on Vertigo.

NiP Form

We continue the match analysis with the analysis of Ninjas In Pyjamas form. In this match they are playing as the number two, with odds to win around 2.8.

In the first half of the year, NiP were remembered only for getting to Paris Major 2023 after finishing 7th at European RMR B, and then Top 8-11 at the Paris tournament itself. It got better after coming out of the competition break.

NiP lost to Last Change Qualifiers at Gamers8 at the Long Crest of the second half of the year, but then played solidly at BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2023. They managed to reach the Autumn Finals quite easily, beating grands like Vitality.

  • NiP lineup: REZ, hampus, maxster, headtr1ck, k0nfig.

NiP are approaching IEM Cologne 2023 in full readiness. Before the tournament the team had no substitutions. This will clearly play to the Swedish club's advantage.

In the first round of the Play-In IEM Cologne 2023 Ninjas in Pyjamas met Into The Breach. The match ended in NiP's easiest outing at Ancient with a score of 16-5.

In the match to advance to the group stage of IEM Cologne 2023 NiP played against MOUZ. The Mice beat the Swedes on class, giving them 19 rounds in two matches.

They managed to get out of the Play-In after the second round match of the lower grid against Imperial. Nervously, with the score 2-1.

However, it was not possible to play long in IEM Cologne 2023. NiP finished their journey through the tournament in the bottom set of Group B with a loss against Astralis.

After failing at IEM Cologne 2023, NiP failed to qualify for IEM Sydney 2023 and also completely failed ESL Pro League Season 18, finishing in the top-26 of the tournament.

At Roobet Cup 2023 Ninjas In Pyjamas played with a revamped roster. Maxster temporarily joined the roster, replacing Brollan. The young Swede was the best player of the match in the game against Fnatic, which NiP won, but then they were unlucky.

NiP alternately lost to Monte and then to OG, dropping out of Roobet Cup 2023 at the group stage and finishing top-12 in the overall standings.

They also played in the CS Asia Championship 2023. At the time of writing this betting tira, the Swedes started their play-offs appearance with a match against ENCE.

Map Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas' top 1 map over the last 3 months is Mirage. Ninjas in Pyjamas has a mind-blowing winrate of 92% with 13 games played.

They also played Inferno where they won 5 matches out of 7 games. Nuke is also in plus winrate, where the "ninjas" have 3 wins from 5 matches.

The most not favoured card for NiP will be Vertigo. NiP has 6 cards and only 1 win.

History of head-to-head meetings NiP - FaZe Clan

The teams played each other at ESL Season 17 and IEM Cologne 2023. Both matches were won by FaZe. FaZe and NiP also played at the same CS Asia Championship 2023. Their match in the course of the group stage then ended on round 53 in favour of FaZe.

Predicted result of NiP vs FaZe match at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2023

FaZe are in ultimatum form right now and seem ready to take every tournament in their path. I don't see any obstacles for them to win here as well.

Bottom line: FaZe wins.

FaZe Clan vs NiP: Betting TIp, Match Prediction. 22.11.23. CS2 (CS:GO), BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023
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