Match Prediction: OG - Team Liquid | CS:GO

OG and Team Liquid will meet again in the group stage of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, however, now the teams are forced to play in the final of the lower bracket.

Let me remind you that at the start of the championship, the victory unexpectedly went to OG, although in fact the team made so many mistakes that only the North Americans helped not to lose.

However, as then, I will continue to stand my ground and consider Team Liquid a much more prepared team. And if OG again plays so problematic, then the "liquid" can take a simple revenge.

And no one has canceled the fundamental nature of the match for the North American team, so the wards of ruggah will play under great pressure. And this, as we understand it, will definitely play the team in the "minus".

Form OG

The twelfth team of the world ranking went to the CCT North Europe Series 2 playoffs, where they lost to HAVU in a very comical way. However, the European team went on to BLAST Premier World Final 2022, where they even reached the semi-finals.

As for the start at the group stage of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, here OG unexpectedly beat Team Liquid, although they did not show anything at all.

Fortunately, the logic returned to the server, giving the team a defeat from FaZe Clan. Summing up, the team does not stand out for anything in terms of the game, and mistakes are a separate story. In general, OG looks very weak, and if not shooting, then what can the guys brag about.

Latest OG results:

  • Victory over Heroic with a score of 2:1.
  • Victory over Vitality with a score of 2:0.
  • Lost to Team Liquid with a score of 1:2.
  • The victory over Team Liquid with a score of 2:0.
  • Defeat from FaZe Clan with a score of 1:2.

Best OG cards:

  • Inferno - 62% of wins.
  • Ancient - 60% of wins.

It is worth saying that the European team usually refuses the Nuke card. However, last time OG took a risk and banned Mirage.

Form Team Liquid

The third team in the world ranking, on the contrary, reached the semi-finals of BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022, and then took second place in the BLAST Premier World Final 2022.

As for the start at the group stage of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, here the North American team started with an unexpected defeat from OG. And there, Team Liquid showed as bad a game as possible.

Nevertheless, the day before the team managed to outplay Complexity, showing a decent game. It is clear that from the point of view of competition, this match can hardly be called indicative, but the "liquid" showed work on the mistakes, and this is the main thing.

Latest Team Liquid results:

  • Victory over Natus Vincere with a score of 2:1.
  • Victory over OG with a score of 2:1.
  • Lost to G2 with a score of 0:2.
  • Lost to OG with a score of 0:2.
  • Victory over Complexity with a score of 2:0.

The best maps of Team Liquid:

  • Mirage - 88% of wins.
  • Anubis - 75% of wins.
  • Inferno - 50% win rate.

Interestingly, the North American team also refuses the Nuke card, but, looking back, they may take a risk.

OG vs Team Liquid Stats

As part of the current season, the teams held one meeting - at the start of the group stage of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, the victory went to OG (2:0).

Forecast for the match OG — Team Liquid

Personally, I don’t see stability in OG’s game, so it’s too early to take that team’s victory seriously. In turn, the North American team is flexible enough not to fall into the abyss again.

It is clear that a lot will be decided at the map selection stage, but now Team Liquid is definitely not worth the risk and, preferably, not touching Nuke at all and leaving it at the mercy of OG.

In any case, the European team is quickly lost as soon as it faces pressure and loses one or two pivotal rounds. Therefore, in this case, I would recommend betting on Team Liquid to win.

At the moment, the majority of bookmakers unanimously see the team OG as the favorite of the game with average odds on a victory in the sum of 1.49. Team Liquid chances to prevail are evaluated with average odds 4.593 by bookmakers.

What are the successes of the teams in the last games

Last MatchesOG Team Liquid
5 matches (wins)33
10 matches (wins)46

We will also remind you of the statistics of matches that the teams played with each other. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 4 matches with each other. In these matches OG won 1 times, Team Liquid active consisits of 3 wins.