YNk: «I think PGL have done an amazing job»

What do you think about this Major being the first CS:GO Major for PGL?

I think it is pretty good. Obviously, there were some technical issues during the first couple of days, the Internet, and a couple of issues with PCs, the memory leaks or whatever. It was unfortunate. Besides that, I think they have done an amazing job with adding some production stuff like the custom hud, the augmented reality they used for the desk segments, they needed the new graphics. Even when you look at the Minors or the Major qualifiers, the video pieces that they did. I love the interviews that we get to ask questions from the desk. So I think it has been really good. As I said the only problem was those unfortunate technical issues that had been happening. I think that is sorted out now. I feel after the main event, when we move to the arena, where someone is going to win, we will remember that. Because they have some really amazing things in the score for the main event.

What is your opinion about FaZe Clan? What has happened?

It is a very hard topic for me to talk about. But I mean that, unfortunately, for FaZe this tournament is kind of magnified faults that they have, especially, on the CT side. They almost exclusively rely on the individual play, the individual skill when it comes to the CT side. Also, they were playing with good tactical teams like BIG, FlipSid3, even, mousesports. They exploited that pretty much against FaZe, they used their coordination, structure, tactics to basically negate the individual skill that FaZe poses. Obviously, it is a huge disappointment for everyone, especially, for them. They made grand finals in four tournaments and top 4 in the fifth one, and such things happened at the Major. It is crushing. But I mean it is the same team, they just need to fix those mistakes and to elevate their game a little bit in that way. They are still a top team, that’s for sure.

From your point of view, will there be some reshuffles after this Major? Maybe Na`Vi, FaZe?

I am not sure about FaZe. I don’t think they necessarily need to change players. Perhaps, even if they could get an upgrade, it seems that the atmosphere is really good in the team at the moment. But for the CIS region, I think that’s for sure. Especially now, when Na`Vi is not in the top 8. It is going to be interesting to see, obviously, someone like electronic from FlipSid3, mir from Vega Squadron. Those are some of the individual players, who could be seen as a new super team or a mix of teams. Na`Vi needs a leader, there is no one, who tries to be an in-game leader. There is no clear direction, there is no authority. I am pretty confident that there is going to be a reshuffle there, perhaps, even in the Swedish scene. Even if Fnatic makes the top 8, they are not playing at a level to be a legitimate contender to win tournaments. And that’s what those players play for. They don’t play to reach the top 8 or the top 4, they play to win. So we might see some changes there as well.

What about two teams that have played 3:0? Have you expected that?

I think that is, also, a great surprise. BIG is, obviously, the number one surprise of the tournament, being able to beat SK Gaming, FaZe Clan and Cloud9. But they played only on de_inferno. The other side of things is Gambit. When everyone said that they were miserably unpracticed, they could not beat anyone. They came out and won 3:0, playing three different maps. I think Gambit people might have expected them to make the top 8 but definitely not like a 3:0 fashion. So it just shows for them that AdreN is still playing well and the structure, that Zeus has implemented since he joined the team after he was kicked from Na`Vi, has been really truthful for Gambit.

What do you think about BIG to have used the bug on de_inferno?

I think that this is, obviously, not supposed to be in the game. I think that’s a bug and as long as it is still in the game, it’s okay for you to use it. The problem happens when all the other teams don’t want to use it and you make some specific rounds around being able to exploit that. It is not fair to use that because that was one of the ways they had an advantage over some of the other teams, perhaps. But I believe it was resolved as it should. All teams came together, they made an agreement about it. So yes, that should not be in the game in the end of the day but now as it has happened, I think it has been resolved in a good manner, despite the drama that we have on the social media.

What teams will be in the grand final?

It depends on the bracket, who is gonna get who in the draws. But I think right now without a doubt that SK Gaming and Astralis have shown the highest level of play. And it is not just about that it’s just the fact that these teams are able to play on the highest level on the multiple maps. I don’t think someone like BIG can beat legitimately SK Gaming or Astralis in the best of three. And there are some other teams as well. Gambit is, actually, a potential force because they can play multiple maps as well. Perhaps, it can be North, they can reach the top 4. But I don’t see how any of those teams can beat Astralis or SK in the best of three. They are playing on such a high level individually and as a team, so that would be the dream final.

Let’s talk about you. You used to be an observer. Do you want sometimes to go back to the observing?

No, not really. I think an analysis is way more fun. And you know, being able to talk about the game and analyze the game and all that is not like being an observer, who is just in the corner somewhere slaving the ways. I think if people have started appreciating it more, usually before when you are doing a bad job, people notice it and when you are doing a good job, no one really cares. Yes, this is, definitely, more fun. I don’t really think about going back into observing.

Will there be a reshuffle in Virtus.pro if they don’t reach the top 8?

The problem of VP is who they can get. They don’t have someone, who can be a clear upgrade. I don’t know, maybe innocent. I am not really sure. If the problem is on the roster, it improves each time because they are able to come back all the time. That seems to be more like confidence issues and the mentality. The Counter Strike that they were playing at this tournament was great. I don’t think that there will be roster changes. Who knows, if they feel that they have tried everything with that roster and that couldn’t make it happen, then that will be the only way for them to go. But so far, they are capable of making a comeback. I think that might be the tournament, which has a strong showing at the playoff. It is going to be tough against Cloud9 in the best-of-one but VP is the only team that can mess up plans for SK or Astralis.

And the final question. Who will be the MVP of the tournament?

It depends on who wins it. But if it’s SK Gaming, I think, it will be coldzera again for the 4th time. He has just been insane so far. If it is going to be Astralis, then it will depend. It is maybe going to be Kjaerbye. He seems to step up for them at the Majors and in the games.

Who will it be if Gambit wins the tournament?

If Gambit wins the tournament, AdreN will be the MVP without a doubt.