StarSeries i-League CS:GO will be hosted in the Swiss Bo3 format

Organizers of the championship have announced new details about the upcoming LAN final of the next CS:GO tournament.

StarSeries i-League CS:GO Season 4 will be the first championship, in which the Swiss system will be run in a group stage with bo3 matches.

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Despite the Swiss system had been liked by lots of players and viewers, the decision was made to make some changes to it and to make matches in a bo3 format as a lot of players complained about random results of bo1 matches and the absence of a chance to make a rematch. After the innovations by StarLadder, it will become known if players are better to play in a bo3 format.

StarSeries  i-League CS:GO StarSeries Season 4 will be carried out on February 17-25. teams will be playing in a group stage in the new format during the first five days and after that, the best 8 teams will get to the playoffs.

A prize pool of the tournament will amount $300,000 that will be up for grabs for 16 participants.