SK.TACO: «When you say SK Gaming, everyone expects us to win the event»

First of all, what is your opinion about the drawing that StarLadder has made?

The live drawing is really great because people can see everything that happens behind the scenes. So it’s really fair.

What do you think about the tournament system? The Swiss system with bo3 matches, is it better than the Major one?

Yes, it is much better than the system that is used at the Majors. I don’t really like the Swiss format but the way the organizers are doing this format with bo3s is just a great format at least for me. So the reason why I don’t like the Swiss format is the draw because it is kinda lucky. But StarLadder’s Swiss format with bo3 matches is a way better and fair.

What is better for you to play: Double Elimination or a GSL style group format?

I think a GSL format is really good. Because if you want to go through the group stage you will have to win a bo3. It is impossible to lose two bo1s and go home. I like Double Elimination, it is a good thing as well. But it is so bad for teams to play bo1 matches to decide something.

Have you come here to win or do you have some other goals?

We are SK Gaming. When you say SK Gaming, everyone expects us to win the event. Even as players we know what we are able to do. And I am pretty sure that we are able to win the tournament.

What happened at cs_summit 2? You’ve held the 3rd place.

Cs_summit 2 was a really awful tournament for us. We didn’t have a good practice at all as a team. The practice in the USA was not that good. But it’s not an excuse since Team Liquid and Cloud9 live in the USA, Liquid has won the tournament, Cloud9 has held the 2nd place. We were just bad individually and as a team. That’s why we are really happy with an opportunity to be here. We are going to spend thirty days in Europe, to practice a lot. And we are going to use this time to become better individually in terms of the game.

After StarLadder, you are going to Katowice to play the tournament there. What are your expectations from the tournament? And what do you think about the format?

Yes, we are going to Katowice after StarLadder. The format is really good for me as well. The tournament is nice too, it’s huge. Katowice, it will be my third time playing there. So I really happy that I will be there. The crowd is amazing and the country is good as well. I am really excited.

You’ve said that you will stay in Europe for thirty days. What are your plans?

We are going to be in Ukraine for ten days. Then we will travel to Poland to play ESL One Katowice. After Katowice, we will go to Germany for a bootcamp. And finally, we will go to China.

Okay, that’s all. Thank you very much.

Thank you too.