Extra Salt made it to cs_summit 8

The first decisive match of the closed qualifier at cs_summit 8 has come to an end. In it, Extra Salt and O Plano fought against each other. The Teles brothers from O Plano failed to take any cards in the fight against Extra Salt and the team is forced to try again to advance to the main event of the championship from Beyond the Summit. This time through the bottom grid.

Extra Salt defeated their opponents on Inferno with a score of 16-10 and Nuke with a score of 10-9. This allowed JT and the company to become the fifth known contributor to cs_summit 8.

Recall that previously such teams as Evil Geniuses, EXTREMUM, FURIA Esports and Team Liquid received direct invitations to the event.

Today we will also find out the name of the second team that will manage to reach cs_summit 8 through the closed qualifier.


The closed qualifier for cs_summit 8 runs from 14 to 18 May. Within its framework, four quotas for the main event are played, which starts on May 20 and ends on the 30th.