Spring Sweet Spring: forZe became the second finalist

The second semi-final was over. ForZe won in a tough fight. The meeting ended with a score of 2-1. Most of the intrigue was created on the map Inferno, which ended with a score of 16-14. On Nuke, the Brazilians beat their opponents with a result of 16-7, and on Mirage they failed to take more than 6 rounds from forZe.

Right now, EPG Family and forZe are battling it out in the grand final for the title and a $ 44,000 top bounty. Both teams went through the group stage to the playoffs, and therefore have already managed to earn money. The Vice Champion will receive a consolation cash bonus of $ 4,000.


Spring Sweet Spring # 1 runs from April 12th to May 5th. The total prize pool is $ 100,000. The winner, in addition to a financial prize of $ 40,000, will receive an invitation to LAN Sweet LAN with a prize pool of a quarter of a million dollars. The $ 250,000 event will take place next February in Belgrade, Serbia.