ESL Pro League Season 12: FaZe Clan lose their sixth straight match

NiKo and his teammates once again failed to defeat their opponents in the confrontation. The arrival of Kjaerbye still cannot make the situation in the team better, but for the first time in the last ten cards played, FaZe Clan were able to win. The meeting was tense, but the intrigue did not last until the end. On Mirage, Team Spirit immediately took the lead in the first half, already leading with a score of 11-2.

As a result, the meeting ended with a result of 1-2, and FaZe Clan showed the worst result in the group, not winning a single match and having suffered five times in a row.


ESL Pro League Season 12 runs from September 1st to October 4th. In Europe, 16 participants share a total prize pool of $ 450,000, in America, 8 teams share $ 225,000. In South America, Asia and Oceania, the prize pools will be $ 25,000 each.