Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 4 starts today!

The first matches of the fourth week of Eden Arena Malta Vibes will take place today. We will be able to look at all the confrontations of Group A. On the 22nd, 23rd and 24th we will meet in Group B, Group C and Group D, respectively. On the weekend, the top four will share the prize pool among each other.

In the first three weeks, Nordavind, ALTERNATE aTTaX and Illuminar Gaming became the winners. All winners receive $ 25,000 each.


Eden Esports Malta Vibes Week 4 began on July 21 and will end on the 26th. The total prize pool will be $ 40,000 and will be distributed today by the top four participants. 3-4 places will receive $ 2,500 each, the vice-champion will earn $ 10,000, and the winner of the tournament will win the main prize of $ 25,000.