Lynn Vision to miss PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Asia-Pacific RMR

Chinese esports organization Lynn Vision has issued an official statement informing fans that its CS:GO team will be forced to miss the upcoming PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Asia-Pacific RMR. The club reported that they could not obtain permission to enter the host country of the championship, as well as return to China to solve visa problems.

Regrettable notice to all fans. We still cannot get tickets back to China and cannot apply for a visa by any means outside of China. Thus, PGL will start contacting the team that will replace us in the RMR tournament. We hope that all teams will be able to achieve the results of their dreams. We apologize to the fans.

Recall that Lynn Vision became a participant in PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Asia-Pacific RMR following the results of the qualification in the Middle East. At the same time, the team started the new season in Europe, thereby notifying in advance of possible difficulties with the schedule and movement to the venue of the competition.

Probably, the place of the Chinese team at PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Asia-Pacific RMR will be taken by NASR Esports, which came second in the open qualifier.

The composition of the participants of the RMR tournament: TYLOO, IHC Esports and Renegades. The teams will compete for two tickets to PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

The Lynn Vision line-up is currently as follows: