LowLandLions Winner Elite Series 2021 Finals

The Elite Series 2021 Finals have come to an end. At the tournament, which took place from September 30 to October 10 in Brussels, three teams competed for a prize fund of € 3,000. The winner of the tournament was the LowLandLions team, which beat eClub Brugge in the grand final with a score of 3: 2.

Note that for LowLandLions the tournament began with a semi-final, in which the team confidently dealt with KRC Genk Esports and advanced to the grand final.

The decisive match turned out to be eventful, since the teams not only showed a struggle, but also showed five maps at once, thereby prolonging the pleasure of the fans. Moreover, the series started with domination from eClub Brugge, which, having lost on Ancient, returned abruptly to the game after victories on the Inferno and Mirage maps.

However, the end of the series was left to the LowLandLions players, who quickly gathered their thoughts and returned the intrigue, closing the opponent on Nuke. As a result, the fate of the grand final was decided on the Vertigo map, where the guys from LowLandLions turned out to be stronger in the tense ending.

Elite Series 2021 Finals