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What ranks can play VALORANT together? Explain how the VALORANT ranked matchmaking system works

Yuriy Sheremet
What ranks can play VALORANT together? Explain how the VALORANT ranked matchmaking system works

VALORANT's ranked matches are one of Riot Games' team-based shooter modes. As with most competitive games, rankings are the cornerstone of VALORANT: they represent your skills in the game and also serve as a source of pride.

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The process of raising your ranking in VALORANT is a thorny one, and sometimes you may need to enlist the help of teammates to raise your rank. But before you start a ranking match, you need to know: "What ranks can play VALORANT together". The answer to this question is in the text below.

So, what ranks can play VALORANT together?

First of all, it is worth dividing the ranks into two conventional categories: Iron to Platinum, and Platinum to Radiant. This is necessary to do, as Riot themselves stick to this conditional division, which works in matches with groups of 2 and 3 people.

In addition to playing in duos and trios, there is the option to play in a full 5-person pack. Packs of 4 people can not participate in ranked games, as it puts solo players at a disadvantage and will lead to disparities in the selection of players of the appropriate level.

Having dealt with the introductory part, let's move on to the specifics.

Party of 5 people

Participants of a full-fledged attack in one group can be of any rank, but there are a few rules of selection that apply to such groups:

  • If all players in the group are Diamond rank 2 or lower, the number of ranking points they receive will differ depending on the rank difference. However, if a group has a player of rank Diamond 3 or higher, a minimum reduction (50%) in rating points will be applied to the group. This can increase up to 90% depending on the highest rank.
  • If there are Radiant players in the group, the minimum "penalty" will be 75%. This can also increase up to 90%.

Simply put, a group of 5 people will get the most rating points if the ranks of all members of the party are roughly equal. Restrictions on RP are imposed on such groups to avoid bооѕting.

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A 2 or 3-person pack

Also in ranked games, you can play in a 2 or 3 person pack. Duos and trios also have their own rules.

Players of the lowest ranks, Iron and Bronze, can play with players of the same or higher rank, i.e. Silver. Silver players can play with Gold players. Gold players can play in pairs with Platinum players.

Starting with Platinum, players of any level can play with each other. Separate rules exist for Immortal ranked players. They can't participate in a 3-person pack, and can only play in a group of 2, 5 or soloque.

For convenience you can use this table.

Lower rank in party
Highest rank in party
Iron and Bronze
Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant
1 rank higher (Platinum 1 can play with Diamond 1).

Having sorted out what ranks VALORANT can play together we will answer another trivial but still pressing question: "Why play VALORANT in a pack?". It's obvious - to have more fun and not to depend on random teammates, and also to raise the rating, test character bundles, different strategies and so on.

Good luck in rating games and easy to raise new ranks in VALORANT!

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