Top e-sport tournaments coming in 2021

E-sport is a super fast-growing industry and entertainment source, with millions of fans all over the world who tune in to see their favorite players face off in global competitions, it can easily be said that the e-sport tournament is now one of the biggest platforms available in the gaming industry both for gamers and companies.

What makes e-sport tournaments special?

It’s a place for gamers to get together to talk about what the game they love, show off their playing, make friends, and meet the stars they look up to. This figure of the iconic video game player, or e-sports team, hasn’t been around for as long as regular athletic idols, but they are growing in popularity and power.

So, its this combination of people, gaming, and competition that gives e-sports a definitive edge in claiming the importance ladder when it comes to events, and why you should check out one of these tournaments if you ever have the chance:

eSports World Convention

This event is one of the longest-running in the industry, starting back in 2003 back then it focused on FPS (first-person shooter) but has since grown to host more competition with different genres included, and holding events in various countries and cities. It’s now split into sections focusing on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, the Paris Games Week, and more.


The Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite has been one of the most revolutionary games in the last few years since exploding onto the video game scene so much so that if you placed your backing on this game the totalizator will be leaning in your favor, not only did it take over it’s still going strong. So, it comes as no surprise the world cup event is one of the biggest gaming tournaments in the world, there’s plenty of incentives to participate too, the last tournament anyone could enter, plus players can be eligible for up to $1million weekly games, and the total prize pool was $30 million.

Fifa eWorld Cup

Out of the living room and into its own big stage this tournament has been one of the biggest in the world since it began in 2004. It broadcasted live on Youtube, Twitch, and even on some TV channels in certain countries. Great news: it’s open to anyone, bad news you have to play online against everyone else, plus qualify at the top in order to play for the eWorld Cup.

Call Of Duty and Counter-Strike Championships

These two mega titles are amongst the most played videogames ever, with highly competitive online scenes, more regional competitions, and as to be expected their own international tournament only open to the highest level of players out there. Offering big prizes and incredible recognition.

Honorable mentions

These are also worth checking out depending on your gaming tastes