Some key figures of the gaming market in France in 2022

In France today, video games have grown to the point of having become a common leisure activity, even more so with the recent pandemic having shaken the world. The developers have also bent over backwards to release more productions to keep their customers entertained for the past few years. Thus, in 2022 with the various launches of new productions from major studios, the arrival of NextGen consoles, new releases of virtual titles such as casino games, etc., everything is done to allow French fans to fully experience their passion. Soon halfway through this year, it would be time to take stock of the gaming market between 21-22 in France.

Evolution Gaming releases 4 live games in 2022 and plans to launch more

Since the beginning of 2022, many productions have already been released by software developers in order to always satisfy players. Whether it's slot machines or live games, we already have a number of them in circulation on renowned betting platforms. The truth is that not all establishments offer live dealer casino games. However, all of the best online casinos have live dealer gaming options. Evolution Gaming is just one of those popular developers of live dealer casino games that delight fans. In 2022, this software designer has already launched 4 live games which are: Bac Bo, Peek Baccarat, Sky lounge Roulette Royal, and XXXtreme Lightning Roulette on virtual betting sites. However, Evolution Gaming plans to deliver other such titles like Golden Bar Roulette, Crazy Coin Flip, Monopoly Big Baller and Deal or No Deal First Person by the end of the year. Another live table called J will later complete the exciting selection of live dealer games.

The gaming market in France weighs more than 5.6 billion euros

According to a recent assessment of the video game market in 2021, the French industry sets a record with a gaming turnover amounting to 5.6 billion euros. Note that the latter increased by more than 1.6% compared to that of the previous year according to the report drawn up by the Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers (SELL). This French gaming market can be subdivided into 3 distinct parts which are:

In addition, according to Statista's survey report on the year 2021 dating from May 2022, action games were the most popular genre in France with nearly 5.48 million units sold. The second most popular video game genre was sports games, led by FIFA titles. Thus, approximately 3.27 million units of sports games were sold.

96.66 million euros generated by the FIFA 22 video game

The best-selling video games in France in 2021, according to a report published by the Statista platform on May 13, 2022, were FIFA 22 followed by Call of Duty: Vanguard, Mario kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario 3D World & Browser's Fury and from Animal Crossing: New Horizon. However the most profitable was FIFA 22, the latest in the Football game series with a turnover amounting to 96.66 million euros. Then comes the first-person shooter Call of Duty with 32.55 million euros in sales and more than 1.5 million units sold. With turnovers of 24.44 million euros, 21.14 million euros and 20.57 million euros, the titles Mario kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario 3D World & Browser's Fury and Animal Crossing: New Horizon, respectively close this top 5 sales in France. FIFA 22 is now available for free on Sony's PS Plus for subscribers to that service.

36.5 million players in France

During the past year, that is to say 2021, almost half of the population in France considered themselves to be gamers. Indeed, 36.5 million French players play video games according to the Statista site. According to them, the profile of gamers is very varied and is not limited to a specific age group or gender. Regardless of their age, the proportion of female players in France was almost equal to that of their male counterpart. In addition, about half of French gamers entertain themselves by playing video games almost every day and their playing time per week was almost 9.2 hours. A figure that places France a little below the average of other markets in Europe such as Germany and England.

Hardware sales (PC and consoles) increase by 22% in France

The hardware or material to play on productions experienced a huge boost of 22% in 2021 according to the assessment of the French market carried out by the Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers (SELL). Indeed, with the release of Next gen consoles and the dynamism of PC Gaming, hardware has generated historic sales of 1,766 billion euros. The game console segment alone reached 795 million euros in turnover, despite the supply difficulties existing in 2021 and which prevented manufacturers from responding properly to strong demand.

8.1% of French gamers play for more than 5 hours a day

According to a study conducted by Kantar, France occupies the 21st place in the ranking of players considered as “regular”; that is, those who play at least 5 hours a day. In fact, 8.1 French gamers are entertained on video games for more than 5 hours a day. This is the 2nd score in Europe, after England and its 10.3% of fervent gamers. This study also shows that the French people who play the most are generally those who spend most of their time on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Tiktok.

51% of French Internet users use phones to play games

According to SELL's report, gamers use 2.2 platforms to play. These are smartphones and consoles. However, it is the mobile which is used the most by gamers as a game medium, because according to SELL, 51% of players have declared using it as a game tool. The home console, on the other hand, is used by 49% of case to play video games, but its use has been increasing sharply for some time, especially with the arrival of next-gen consoles like the PS5 and its monster craze. On their phones, they can play casual games, consumer games like Tetris and Candy Crush Saga, platform titles or even adventure ones.

62% of adults in France are more engaged in gaming

In France, the most regular or occasional gamblers are adults. Indeed, according to a study by the Kantar site, 62% of adults questioned said they played video games whether on mobiles, consoles or PCs. However, this score remains below the average of the 35 countries used for this analysis. Globally, 69% of adults say they have fun playing video games on any device. This percentage is supported by that of the age group of young adults (16-24 years) which is 82%. The Asian and Middle Eastern markets are the most engaged in gaming, led by the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia according to Kantar. Commitment to video games in the Western market, of which France is a part, remains weaker.

About 1 hour of console games for the French

In France, according to the 2022 digital report produced by the We Are Social site, Internet users aged 16-64 spend 55 minutes a day having fun on their console. Similarly, according to the results of the Statista Global Survey conducted in France in 2022 on the number of hours spent playing video games per week and published on May 18, 12% of respondents answered less than one hour.

28th place for France in the ranking of people who play video games

Globally, there are over 3.2 billion gamers according to DFC Intelligence. In other words, 40% of the world's population loves having fun on video games. According to the digital evolution report (Digitale Report 2022) written by We Are Social, in France alone 78.4% of people aged 16-64 play video games. This explains France's 28th place in the ranking of populations engaged in gaming. Indeed, the latter is dominated by the Philippines 96.4%, followed by Thailand 94.7% and Indonesia 94.5%.