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Next up is a look at the clash between America and China, namely Evil Geniuses and EDward Gaming in the quarter-finals of the play-offs of VALORANT Champions 2023, the VALORANT World Championship. The winner will advance to the semifinals of the top grid, while the loser will forfeit and head to the losers' grid. The format of the match is bo3. Will the Chinese be able to defeat the famous American club? We will find out very soon.

In this betting tipNNEW you will find out how the participants of this match are performing this year, how they did in their previous professional tournament, as well as how this match will end.

Evil Geniuses uniforms

The 2023 Long Sogpeg season started for Evil Geniuses with their participation in the VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo. There the team was able to take 9th-16th place and earn $10,000 in prize money. Boostio and the team then travelled to the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Americas League. EG finished in sixth place in a tough group stage and advanced to the play-offs. The American club successfully reached the final of the top set before losing to LOUD and falling to the bottom set. A 1-3 loss to NRG secured Evil Geniuses third place in the regional league. This result earned EG $40,000 as well as slots in major tournaments such as VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo and VALORANT Champions 2023.

Before participating in the VALORANT World Championship, Evil Geniuses travelled to Tokyo for the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo. The group stage seeding placed the team in Group B, which the players won convincingly with a 2-0 record, defeating FUT Esports and DRX. In the quarter-finals and semi-finals play-offs Evil Geniuses outplayed opponents such as LOUD and Team Liquid. Boostio and team faced Fnatic in the top grid finals. In the bo3 confrontation, EG failed to overpower their opponent with a score of 1-2 and dropped to the lower grid. The full bo5 match against Paper Rex ended with Evil Geniuses winning (Fracture - 13-7, Lotus - 12-14, Split - 10-13, Pearl - 13-6, Ascent - 13-8). In the grand finals of the tournament, Fnatic remained an insurmountable challenge for the American club. After losing three games in a row, EG won the silver medal at VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo and earned $200,000.

Evil Geniuses were drawn in Group B of the VALORANT Champions 2023 group stage. EG won their opening match against FunPlus Phoenix 2-0. The Americans went on to defeat FUT Esports in a winner-take-all match on two maps in a row and advanced to the play-offs with a 2-0 win.

Evil Geniuses recent results stats:

  • 2-0 win over FUT Esports
  • A 2-0 win over FunPlus Phoenix.
  • 0:3 defeat to Fnatic
  • 3:2 win over Paper Rex
  • 1:2 defeat to Fnatic

EDward Gaming uniforms

The 2023 gaming year started for EDward Gaming with participation in VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo. There, the Chinese team failed to show a clear result and finished the tournament in 17th-32nd place, earning $5,000 in prize money. Haodong and his teammates then took part in two FGC Valorant Invitational 2023 tournaments, where they finished in second and first place respectively. This allowed them to participate in the VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo and VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: China Qualifier. At the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo, the draw put EDward Gaming in Group A. With the result 2:1 the Chinese managed to get into the play-offs of the tournament. EDward Gaming finished their participation at the tournament in Tokyo in the quarter-finals of the losers' bracket, losing to Paper Rex with the score 1:2. 5th-6th place earned the team $50,000 in prize money.

The Chinese made it to VALORANT Champions 2023 thanks to their participation in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: China Qualifier. Due to their previous success at the regional level, EDward Gaming received an invitation to the quarter-finals of the top grid. The team easily defeated Team Weibo, TYLOO and Bilibili Gaming to reach the grand finals of the Chinese Qualifier. In the decisive bo5 series EDward Gaming again defeated Bilibili Gaming with a score of 3:1 (Split - 13-6, Fracture - 13-4, Bind - 12-14, Haven - 14-12) and got the coveted slot at the main tournament of the year.

The Chinese squad made it to Group A at VALORANT Champions 2023. EDward Gaming played their first match against Giants, who they defeated in a full bo3 series. In the winner's game the Chinese were unable to provide worthy resistance to Paper Rex and lost with a score of 0:2. EDward Gaming got to the final stage of the tournament thanks to another victory over the Giants.

Statistics of the last results of EDward Gaming:

  • Victory over Giants with a score of 2:0
  • 0:2 defeat to Paper Rex
  • 2:1 win over Giants
  • 3:1 win over Bilibili Gaming
  • 3:0 win over Bilibili Gaming

History of Evil Geniuses vs EDward Gaming matches

Since the beginning of this year the participants of this match have not played against each other in professional matches.

Predicted result of the match Evil Geniuses - EDward Gaming

Evil Geniuses are still showing a consistently good game, which can not be said about the representatives of the Chinese team. Let's bet on the victory of Evil Geniuses team.

All bookmakers have agreed that Evil Geniuses is the favorite. This can be noticed because odds on them are 1.436. This number in the favor of EDward Gaming amounts 5.163. Respectively, the last ones are the underdogs of the upcoming match.

How did the participants perform in the last matches

Last MatchesEvil Geniuses EDward Gaming
5 matches (wins)34
10 matches (wins)77

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets. The competitors have held 0 matches. And Evil Geniuses won 0 times while EDward Gaming correspondingly became the winner 0 times.