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Let's move on to the VALORANT Champions 2023 lower grid, namely the first round, in which the representatives of two Chinese organisations Bilibili Gaming and EDward Gaming will meet. At the end of the Chinese derby one of the teams will leave the VALORANT World Championship. The format of the match is bo3. Which of the teams from the Celestial Empire will be stronger? We will find out very soon.

In this betting tipNNEW you will find out how the participants of this match perform during the current year, how they spent their previous professional tournament, as well as how this match will end.

Bilibili Gaming uniforms

Bilibili Gaming began the current season by qualifying for the FGC Valorant Invitational 2023: Act 1. The first qualifiers the team failed, taking the 5th-8th place. But at the second attempt yosemite and its teammates managed to qualify for the Chinese regional VALORANT league. A 9th-10th place finish at the FGC Valorant Invitational 2023: Act 1 did not automatically qualify them for the next round. In FGC Valorant Invitational 2023: Act 2 the team of Bilibili Gaming again got through the qualifications, and also for this purpose the players again needed two attempts. The Chinese created a sensation at the regional ranking tournament by taking the second place. This allowed Bilibili Gaming to go to the Chinese qualification for VALORANT Champions 2023.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: China Qualifier Long It was the quarter-finals of the top set for Bilibili Gaming. The young Chinese team reached the final of the top grid without any problems, defeating such teams as Monarch Effect and Trace Esports with the scores 2:0 and 3:0 respectively. But Bilibili Gaming was not destined to get to the grand final of the qualifiers so easily. The team lost to EDward Gaming with a score of 0:3 and fell to the bottom net. In the final of the losers, yosemite and team outplayed FunPlus Phoenix 3-2 (Lotus - 11-13, Bind - 13-9, Pearl - 9-13, Split - 13-6, Ascent - 13-5). In bo5 grand finals Bilibili Ledge and EDward Gaming again with the score 1:3. But the second place in qualification was enough to get to VALORANT Champions 2023.

The draw for VALORANT Champions 2023 placed Bilibili Gaming in Group C. In the opening match the Chinese defeated American club NRG with a score of 2:0. The match against Fnatic ended with Bilibili Gaming losing on two consecutive maps. In the play-offs the Chinese club passed, again defeating NRG. In the quarter-finals of the top grid Bilibili Gaming played against DRX, which Ledge defeated 0:2.

Statistics of the last results of Bilibili Gaming:

  • A 0:2 defeat to DRX
  • 2:0 win over NRG
  • 0:2 loss to Fnatic
  • 2:0 win over NRG
  • 1:3 defeat to EDward Gaming

EDward Gaming uniform

The 2023 gaming year started for EDward Gaming with participation in VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo. There, the Chinese team failed to show a clear result and finished the tournament in 17th-32nd place, earning $5,000 in prize money. Haodong and his teammates then took part in two FGC Valorant Invitational 2023 tournaments, where they finished in second and first place respectively. This allowed them to participate in the VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo and VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: China Qualifier. At the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters Tokyo, the draw put EDward Gaming in Group A. With the result 2:1 the Chinese managed to get into the play-offs of the tournament. EDward Gaming finished their participation at the tournament in Tokyo in the quarter-finals of the losers' bracket, losing to Paper Rex with the score 1:2. 5th-6th place earned the team $50,000 in prize money.

The Chinese made it to VALORANT Champions 2023 thanks to their participation in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: China Qualifier. Due to their previous success at the regional level, EDward Gaming received an invitation to the quarter-finals of the top grid. The team easily defeated Team Weibo, TYLOO and Bilibili Gaming to reach the grand finals of the Chinese Qualifier. In the decisive bo5 series EDward Gaming again defeated Bilibili Gaming with a score of 3:1 (Split - 13-6, Fracture - 13-4, Bind - 12-14, Haven - 14-12) and got the coveted slot at the main tournament of the year.

The Chinese squad made it to Group A at VALORANT Champions 2023. EDward Gaming played their first match against Giants, who they defeated in a full bo3 series. In the winner's game the Chinese were unable to provide worthy resistance to Paper Rex and lost with a score of 0:2. EDward Gaming got to the final stage of the tournament thanks to another victory over the Giants. The Chinese club lost their debut match in the play-offs to Evil Geniuses with the result 1:2.

EDward Gaming's recent results statistics:

  • Defeat against Evil Geniuses with a score of 1:2
  • 2-0 win over Giants
  • 0:2 defeat to Paper Rex
  • 2:1 win over Giants
  • 3:1 win over Bilibili Gaming

Match History of Bilibili Gaming - EDward Gaming

Since the beginning of this year Bilibili Gaming and EDward Gaming teams have played against each other four times. All four matches ended with the victory of EDward Gaming.

Predicted result of the match Bilibili Gaming - EDward Gaming

Bilibili Gaming do not have the keys to victory over EDward Gaming and are having a weaker season overall. Let's bet on the victory of EDward Gaming team.

At the moment, the majority of bookmakers unanimously see the team EDward Gaming as the favorite of the game with average odds on a victory in the sum of 1.123. Bilibili Gaming chances to prevail are evaluated with average odds 7.441 by bookmakers.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last MatchesBilibili Gaming EDward Gaming
5 matches (wins)23
10 matches (wins)67

Also it makes sense to remember the statistics of the matches between the teams. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 3 matches with each other. In these matches Bilibili Gaming won 0 times, EDward Gaming active consisits of 3 wins.