The participants of the VCT 2021 playoffs: Europe Stage 1 Masters have been determined

The group stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Europe Stage 1 Masters has ended, as a result of which the first four teams went home. Already this weekend, the four remaining teams will compete for the trophy among themselves.

The first semifinalist of the tournament was Team Heretics, who won Group A without any hassle, beating Ballista (2: 0) and Ninjas In Pajamas (2: 1). From Group B, FunPlus Phoenix became the leader, defeating Guild Esports (2: 1) and DfuseTeam (2: 0).

The group stage was not without surprises, since the Ninjas In Pajamas team, which lost to Acend (0: 2), did not make it to the playoffs. The main outsider of Group B was the Alliance team, which lost both meetings.


Heretics and Guild will play in the first semi-final of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Europe Stage 1 Masters, and FunPlus Phoenix and Acend in the second. Note that the grand final of the championship will take place on March 21, Sunday. The match will be held in BO5 format.

Intermediate distribution of prizes VCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 Masters: