G2 Esports - Allied Esports Odyssey

On the night of August 17, the 5th IGNITION SERIES tournament in the European region ended. G2 Esports won.

Group stage G2 did not play well. The team finished the group with 2 wins, 2 draws and one defeat. This was enough to get to the playoffs.

The main stage was also not without problems. In the first round, G2 won FunPlus Phoenix with a score of 13-10, and in the second they beat Team Liquid with a score of 13-9. The opponent in the grand final for G2 was the opponent from the first round. The ANGE1 team failed to cope with the Mixwell team. As a result: 2-0 in favor of G2.

G2 won the 5th INGITION SERIES championship and also earned 6,500 euros. FunPlus Phoenix took second place and earned 4,000 euros. The third line and 4,000 euros for Team Liquid, and Ninjas in Pajamas are content with the fourth place and 300 euros.