Esports is getting bigger: WePlay Valorant tournament!

The eSports discipline from Riot Games breaks into the CIS region. Tournament operator WePlay, together with the American company Riot, announced the first tournament for the CIS in the new discipline Valorant.

The announcement took place on July 7, 2020. The start of the championship is scheduled for July 13, 2020. As always, great emphasis will be placed on the visual design and style of the tournament. WePlay! Valorant Invitational immerses us in the atmosphere of the 80s. The organizers promise to completely convey the surroundings of those years: neon signs, futuristic cars and leather jackets. All this will become part of the event from WePlay!

6 teams have already received invitations to the tournament. Among the participants:

Two more teams will be determined by qualifying matches. The tournament itself will become part of the Valorant Ignition Series, which Riot Games is actively developing. You can watch the first tournament organized by the Kiev studio already on July 13.