G2 Esports is the champion of ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League

The large Rocket League tournament by ELEAGUE finished yesterday. G2 Esports has become triumphant of the tournament.

The winners have earned the main monetary prize in the sum of $70,000 for their efforts. Eight teams have taken part in the tournament: Gale Force eSports, Mock-It eSports, Cloud9, PSG eSports, Chiefs eSports Club, Method, Ghost Gaming and G2 Esports.

The money prize amounted $150,000 and was distributed among participants in the following way:

Place Prize Team
1st $70,000 G2 Esports
2nd $30,000 Gale Force eSports
3rd-4th $12,000 Mock-It eSports
5th-6th $4,000 PSG eSports
Chiefs eSports Club
7th-8th $3,000 Method
Ghost Gaming

ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League took place in Atlanta, the USA on December 1-3. ELEAGUE Arena was a venue for the event.