Six Invitational 2021: Team Empire fell into the lower bracket

Sad news came from the battlefields for fans of Team Empire, Team Liquid, BDS Esport and TSM. The aforementioned rosters were unable to outplay their opponents in the first round of the Upper Bracket and were therefore forced to continue their journey in the Lower Bracket. The winners of the confrontation have advanced to the second round and will fight each other there for reaching the final of the upper bracket.

In the lower bracket, TSM will face off against Mkers, while NiP will face off against FURIA Esports. Who will play Empire and Liquid will become known after the end of the confrontation in the first round of the lower bracket with the participation of such teams as Team One, Spacestation Gaming, G2 Esports and Parabellum.

Interim results of the Six Invitational 2021


The Six Invitational 2021 started on May 11 and will end on the 23rd. The total prize pool for the Rainbow Six World Championship is $ 3,000,000. The winner will take home the main prize of $ 1,000,000. and WildCard Gaming were also supposed to take part in the competition, however, due to coronavirus problems, they withdrew from the event.