Ubisoft decides when Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 will take place

Ubisoft revealed that the $ 3,000,000 Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 has been pushed back to May 2021. It will take place instead of the previously planned THe May 2021 Six Major.

Initially, the championship was to be held in France, however, due to the stricter quarantine rules adopted by the French authorities shortly before the start of the tournament, the championship had to be postponed.

The exact start date of the tournament is still unknown. Despite the absence of The May Six Major, prize and score points will still be distributed among the teams. This will be done based on the results of the first part of the current ranking season.

In addition to new details about the Rainbow Six Invitational 2021, Ubisoft announced the opening of the transfer window. Clubs can change players from February 22 to March 7.