Team Dignitas signed a PUBG roster

The incredible success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds didn't go unnoticed and more famous eSports organizations want the roster for such discipline to be in their ranks - Team Dignitas has represented to their fans a team that will protect the colors of the organization on the professional PUBG scene.

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A comment of the president and the founder of Team Dignitas, Michael «ODEE» O'Dell:

«We're excited to welcome back suntouch to a professional player role and are confident in the team he's formed to compete in PUBG. Their results thus far have been impressive and demonstrate great promise for the future. We at Team Dignitas have always looked to support cutting-edge esports titles with massive growth potential and are excited to do the same for PUBG»

In the near future, the team will take part in all available large competitions, including Auzom Premier League for Squads, Curse Trials and will try to get to IEM Oakland Invitational with a prize pool in the sum of $200,00.

The PUBG roster of Team Dignitas:

Peter «suntouch» Logan
Florian «Liquidz» Bruyere
Martin «spajKK» Beneš
Asger «ZiphoN» Storgaard Høffner