PUBG broke a record for TwitchTV watches

A relatively new esports discipline in Battle Royal genre keeps setting records. PUBG became the most watches game of the month on TwitchTV.

During three years, a permanent leader for watches on TwitchTV was a MOBA-game from Riot Games, League of Legends. Now, PUBG became the new king of this streaming platform.

It should be mentioned that previously PUBG overtook Dota 2 in Steam for the number of players online. Therefore, it became the most popular game on the platform, and after that became the most selling game of 2017 in Steam.

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Currently, this game is developing and updating rapidly for another platform, XBox One. There is no information concerning transferring a discipline to PlayStation 4, but the developers will probably inform whether we should expect for a game for Sony console. 8,000,000 of game copies were already sold.