Gol are invited to StarSeries i-League PUBG 2018


Gol are invited to StarSeries i-League PUBG 2018

The organizers of StarSeries i-League PUBG 2018 gave another direct invitation to their championship – the team Goal will not have to pass the regional qualifier. Before the invites were sent to OGN Entus Ace, Athletico, and Mit and in total 16 invitations are given.

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All 16 invited teams will form a group and the places in the group will be competed for during 4 days. Every playing day will consist of 5 matches and points will be given to the teams according to the quantity of murders (6 Points) and the result place after each game.

StarSeries i-League PUBG 2018 are expected on March 1-4 in Kiev. The prize pool of $100,000 will be fought for by 16 collectives.