eUnited signed 99 Problems

The American organization has informed that had signed a PUBG roster that previously used to play under the tag 99 Problems.

The team includes such players as Andrew «GICE» Geisinger, Chris «JimmurTV» Keith, Jaden «Vegas» James and Tony «TonyV» Vargas. Representatives of eUnited have published this news on the official website of the organization. Besides four players, Timothy «Caymus» Kimbirk joined the team as a coach.

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The comment of co-general manager of eUnited, Dan Clerke:

«I am thrilled to add PUBG to the roster of eUnited titles. The growth this game has shown over the last nine months has been astounding and I am excited to see if it translates to esports.»

The comment of Andrew «GICE» Geisinger:

«Our chemistry is really like bread and butter. We’ve grown to be really good friends during our time playing together. In game it’s like we have the same mind when it comes to big decisions and on our smaller plays we don’t miss a beat following up with each other.»

The PUBG roster of eUnited:

Andrew «GICE» Geisinger
Chris «JimmurTV» Keith
Jaden «Vegas» James
Tony «TonyV» Vargas
Timothy «Caymus» Kimbirk (coach)