AVANGAR signed DieZzz

Now, 4 persons are on a PUBG roster.

AVANGAR has told about that on its Twitter account.

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Let’s remind that there were 3 persons on the main roster of AVANGAR. One of the players Svyatoslav «Drainys» Komissarov left the team, having moved to Grubie and is now playing under the tag Natus Vincere.

With regard to DieZzz, previously, he was listed in ForZe, a team that had only two persons on the main roster.

The roster of AVANGAR:

Zhandos «MuMiNo» Omarov
Adlet «KeeN» Nurseitov
Alexey «0nuqtive» Trufanov
Artem «DieZzz» Lipatov