PUBG has got a racing mode

A video has appeared on the PUBG YouTube channel that a mode has appeared in the game in which players will participate in deadly races.

Arrivals will be carried out by several types of transport. Players will be able to ride regular cars, buggies, motorcycles, as well as Coupe RB and Mirado. In addition to normal driving, users will be able to compete with their opponents by means of various weapons, and for faster driving they will have access to acceleration with the ability to replenish their stocks.

When the player is destroyed, he will appear at the nearest checkpoint and will be able to continue the race. The blue crates scattered around the race tracks will allow them to replenish their ammunition, and the red ones will refuel the nitro.

On consoles, the special event will take place from June 10-21, and on computers, the event has already started and will end on the 14th.