Blizzard announced Overwatch League Season 2 Showdown

Eight divisions where the Contenders championships are already being held got divided into two categories with four regions in each one. The first is called Atlantic Showdown and it will be held in Krefeld, Germany; the second — Pacific Showdown — and the final matches will be held in Shanghai, China.

Each division will let four teams get to the LAN final and the matches of the Showdown series will be taking place during the break in Overwatch League.

Pacific Showdown will be happening on 25-27 May and the collectives will oppose each other in the Double Elimination bracket.

The main event of Atlantic Showdown will be going on from 31 May till 2 June. There the best representatives of Europe, North America and South America will be fighting with each other in the Double Elimination bracket.

In both divisions all matches of the playoff will be held in the Bo3 format except for the grand final. The final meeting will be held in the format up to four wins.

Blizzard reported also that Gauntlet would be connected with Overwatch Showdown, while the events of the tournament of the Gauntlet series will be held from 9 till 13 October and will become the end of Overwatch League. It format, by the way, is rather typical containing both group stage and playoff. At the final stage the players will play at the Double Elimination bracket. Other details as holding place of Overwatch Gauntlet are not known yet.