Match Prediction: KT Rolster - Hanwha Life Esports | LoL

In South Korea, battles continue in the group stage of LCK Spring 2023. The top ten teams in the region are fighting for the playoffs of the title event.

6 teams will go to the next stage, and the names of 5 of them are already known. Our pair guaranteed a pass to the next stage, but this does not mean that it is time to give up and finish the regular season anyhow.

KT Rolster will go into this matchup 9-5 in series. Statistics on cards 20-14.

Hanwha Life Esports have identical numbers. The team has won 9 matches out of 14 played and has 20 won maps with 14 lost.

Here is the point of interest. We will find out which of our principal colleagues will be stronger in the Bo3 match and break away from the pursuer.

Form KT Rolster

Let's start the review of the match with an analysis of KT Rolster's form. In this match, the team is predicted to be the favorite.

Bookmakers give odds of around 1.7 to win KT Rolster. It is worth noting that such quotes for LCK matches are not an indicator at all and mean that we are in for a fight.

It is easy to believe in this, because the stability of KT Rolster is not famous. However, like their rivals, but about them a little later.

Composition of KT Rolster

In the new season, we rarely talked about the South Korean giants, not to mention the “middle peasants” of the league. It's time to fix the holes.

KT Rolster players

  • Kiin
  • Cuzz
  • bdd
  • Aiming
  • Legends

The headliners of the team are mid-laner Bdd and shooter Aiming. However, in the spring season of 2023, the Lehends support performs well, demonstrating an effective game with a 71% win rate. The jungler Cuzz, who played for T1 in 2021, has not gone far either. It has a benefit rate of 70%.

Performance KT Rolster

For 6 weeks, KT Rolster managed to win 9 series and lose 5. According to the cards, the team has 20 won and 14 lost.

KT Rolster won against Brion, DRX, twice against Gen.G (both times 2-1), Hanwha Life Esports, twice against SANDBOX Gaming (2-0 and 2-1), twice against Nongshim RedForce (2-1,2- 0). Lost, in fact, only the main contenders for the TOP-2.

Lost twice to Dplus (0-2 and 1-2), lost to Freecs (0-2) and lost to T1 (1-2 and 0-2).

KT Rolster Champions

Favorite KT Rolster top lane champion is Jax (7 matches, 100% win rate). Camile (5 matches, 40% win rate), KSante (4 matches, 25% win rate), Renekton (4 matches, 75% win rate), Gnar (3 matches, 33% win rate) are also coming.

There is much less variety in the forest. Of the most popular Wukong (12 matches, 41% wins), Sejuani (11 matches, 63% wins). There is also Vi (5 games, 60% of wins).

On the center line, everything is on the meta. Most Popular: Ryze (5 matches, 40% wins), Azir (5 matches, 80% wins), Syndra (4 matches, 25% wins), Yone (4 games, 100% wins), Twister Fate (3 games, 100 % of wins), Taliyah (3 matches, 66% of wins).

Of the shooters, they prefer Zeri (10 games, 70% wins), Ezreal (7 matches, 100% wins), Lucian (5 games, 0% wins), Varus (5 matches, 60% wins).

Most often, Karma (10 games, 80% wins), Lulu (7 matches, 71% wins), Nami (6 matches, 16% wins) appears on support.

Hanwha Life Esports Uniform

Across the river in Summoner's Rift will be the HLE. The team will play as an outsider.

Chances to win Hanwha Life are estimated by odds around 2. A close match is approaching, although there are several arguments against it.

Although the gap between the teams is minimal, in reality it can be much larger. A similar situation was in the first match of the teams and then KT Rolster turned out to be stronger on two maps, and therefore, it is worth being careful and not betting on an “equal” odds.

Roster Hanwha Life Esports

HLE strengthened their roster before the start of the tournament. Managed to pull freshly minted world champions out of DRX.

Hanwha Life Esports Players

  • kingen
  • clid
  • Zeka
  • Viper
  • Life

Zeka and kingen are good, but there are also Viper and Clid. In general, the company is serious, the players are eminent, but so far, team synergy is not very successful.

In terms of personal indicators, too, not everything is going smoothly. Kingen is obviously falling out, which has 46% KP (usefulness ratio). Back in DRX, he was “different” and in HLE, the problem of the top lane has not gone away.

Performance of Hanwha Life Esports

In 7 weeks of games, HLE has 20 wins and 14 losses. Series score is 9-5.

We beat Brion Esports twice (2-1, 2-1), beat DRX twice (2-0 and 2-1), were stronger than Freecs twice (2-0,2-0), won against Nongshim RedForce (2-0 and 2-0), and the only ones outplayed T1.

Lost against DPlus (0-2 and 0-2), Gen.G (1-2), KT Rolster (0-2) and SANDBOX Gaming (1-2).

Hanwha Life Esports Champions

HLE use a wide top lane pull. The most popular are Gnar (12 matches, 75% wins), KSante (5 matches, 40% wins), Ornn (4 matches, 75% wins), Sion (4 matches, 50% wins).

The most common spawns in the forest are Sejuani (9 matches, 11% win rate), Vi (7 matches, 85% win rate), Elise (4 games, 75% win rate).

Azir (9 games, 55% wins), Sylas (5 matches, 80% wins), Kassadin (5 matches, 80% wins), Akali (4 matches, 100% wins) appear on the mid lane.

Shooters choose standard: Zeri (11 matches, 63% wins), Varus (7 matches, 42% wins), Caitlyn (7 games, 57% wins), Lucian (5 matches, 80% wins).

Support heroes are Lulu (10 games, 70% win rate), Heimerdinger (7 matches, 42% win rate), Lux (6 matches, 66% win rate), and Nami (4 matches, 75% win rate).

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams played each other as part of the match of the second week of LCK Spring 2023. KT Rolster won two maps of 30 each.

The outcome of the fight

This fight is highly controversial. On the one hand, the teams have already played each other and HLE were worse, and on the other hand, Viper and the company won against T1.

Beating the most title team in the world and the best LCK Spring 2023 team is a strong argument, but winning the individual competition seems to me more important pros in favor of KT Rolster. Bet on them.

Outcome: victory for KT Rolster.

At the moment, the majority of bookmakers unanimously see the team KT Rolster as the favorite of the game with average odds on a victory in the sum of 1.421. Hanwha Life Esports chances to prevail are evaluated with average odds 3.372 by bookmakers.

How did the participants perform in the last matches

Last MatchesKT Rolster Hanwha Life Esports
5 matches (wins)44
10 matches (wins)66

We will also remind you of the statistics of matches that the teams played with each other.

The teams played 21 matches with each other before.

In these battles KT Rolster got 13 victories while Hanwha Life Esports managed to take 8 matches.