Match Prediction: LDLC OL - Vitality Bee | LoL

While the big reshuffle that started after Worlds 2022 is taking place in the competitive scene of the League of Legends, local events are taking place in the regions. One of these is Coupe de France 2022.

The tournament brought together 24 teams from France, one of the key regions outside the LEC ecosystem, in one place. A little less than a month the teams fought for the right to be called the strongest and now there are 2 clubs left in the race.

LDLC OL and Vitality.Bee will compete for the title and the main cash prize of 4,000 euros.

The teams will meet in the final bo5 confrontation, and we will try to predict the winner by analyzing the form of each participant.


As a favorite, LDLC OL will approach this match. The chance of the French club to win is estimated by the bookmakers with a coefficient of around 1.4.

For the bo5 finals, this figure looks like a verdict in relation to Vitality.Bee. And it can not be otherwise, everything is deserved.

LDLC OL has long been showing signs of “titularity”. The team looks like it has outgrown the French scene. At least, in this championship there is such an impression.

LDLC OL Performance

The 2022 season is going up for LDLC OL in high tones. The team has never fallen below the TOP-4 level at any event.

The formation of LDLC OL began at LFL Spring 2022, where the team won the final by beating BDS with a score of 3-2.

It was possible to practically consolidate the success at the European Masters Spring 2022, but then Karmine Corp joined in, snatching the championship from LDLC OL, closing the final with a score of 1-3.

The summer split of the regional LFL again ended with a triumph for LDLC OL. The team beat BDS for the second time in a year en route to the championship.

European Mastes Summer 2022 was the worst tournament for the French this season. There the team finished their performance at the TOP-4 stage.

At Coup De France 2022, the team is obviously serious: starting their march to the cup from the second round of the playoffs, LDLC OL left behind Atletec, Team Oplon and Karmine Corp. The final bo5 remains.

Composition of LDLC OL

  • Ragner
  • Yike
  • Eika
  • Ecakick
  • Doss

The team has been playing in this roster for a little less than a year. LDLC reformatted their roster in January of this year, but by the end of Coup De France 2022, the roster is in danger of undergoing changes.

According to rumors, several teams at once, including Vitality, MAD Lions and Fnatic, are interested in the services of the Exakick liner. Another confirmation of the increased level of LDLC OL over the last season.

Heroes LDLC OL

During the tournament, LDLC OL most often chose Ornn to the top lane (4 matches, 75% wins), Viego to the jungle (3 matches, 100% wins), Ahri to the mid (6 games, 66% wins), Aphelios and Rakan to the bot. The last two rarely worked together, as ADC lost 2 matches out of 4 played, while Rakan won 3 matches out of 3.

Shape Vitality.Bee

Vitality.Bee will play as an outsider in this match. The chance of this French club to win is estimated by bookmakers at odds of around 2.8.

The gap in the coefficient, although not critical, but giving a clear understanding of what is likely to await us. It's hard to disagree with this.

Like LDLC OL, Vitality.Bee show promise and look promising within the regional French league, but they are far from the high standards of the conditional LEC. According to the results for the season, everything is also not very smooth and clearly worse than that of the counterpart.

Performance of Vitality.Bee

In the 2022 season, Vitality were at the bottom of the list of the best. The team regularly reached the TOP, however, they could not jump above their heads.

At LFL SPring 2022, Vitality.Bee took TOP-4, losing to BDS in the match for reaching the top three with a score of 2-3.

Next was the intermediate EU Masters Spring 2022, where Vitality.Bee took TOP-4. However, then the “bees” lost to the future champions from Karmine Corp.

At LFL Summer 2022, Vitality.Bee closed the top three. They were again not allowed into the league finals by the future champions of the league, this time LDLC OL.

The worst tournament of the season, like that of LDLC, was the European Masters Summer 2022. Then the team reached the TOP-8, and again, again, BDS put spokes into the wheels.

Coup De France 2022 could be a kind of outlet for Vitality. The team is already at least TOP-2, which is better than any result shown this season. However, the second place is a more offensive fate than the conditional TOP-4, because stopping one step away from triumph is terribly unpleasant.

Composition of Vitality.Bee

  • Szygenda
  • Skeanz
  • Diplex
  • Jeskla
  • jactroll

The “bee” roster has been operating since the beginning of February this year. Teamwork is enough, synergy should also be enough. In terms of personal performance, everything is worthy, but LDLC OL is better.

Heroes of Vitality.Bee

Gangplank (4 matches, 50% win rate), Ornn (4 matches, 50% win rate), Gwen (4 matches, 50% win rate) were most often sent to the TOP.

Wukong (6 matches, 66% wins), Viego (3 matches, 66% wins), Lee Sin (3 matches, 66% wins) played in the forest.

Mid is classic Sylas (5 games, 80% wins), Ahri (4 games, 50% wins), Swain (4 games, 75% wins),

The shooter position was most often occupied by Ezrael (6 games, 66% win rate), Twitch (3 matches, 100% win rate), Kalista (3 games, 33% win rate).

From supports, the choice fell on Rakan (3 matches, 66% wins), Karma (3 matches, 100% wins) and Renata Glasc (3 matches, 100% wins).

History of personal confrontations

Previously, teams have played at least 5 times in the LFL regional league. All matches were won by LDLC OL.


In this fight, I expect a quality League of Legends. Both clubs look decent and have potential, but there will be one winner and that is LDLC OL. The victory of LDLC OL is indicated by the history of personal confrontations, performance during the season and banal play as performers.

I don’t see a dry defeat on three maps, there will be a struggle. I am for LDLC OL.

Outcome: victory for LDLC OL.

Vitality Bee are listed as the favorites of the match in the majority of bookmakers and odds on them are equal to 2.1. LDLC OL, in turn, are the outsiders of the match. Odds on their victory are about 5.633.

What the team performance statistics say

Last MatchesLDLC OL Vitality Bee
5 matches (wins)44
10 matches (wins)97

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents. The teams played 17 matches with each other before. And LDLC OL won 10 times while Vitality Bee correspondingly became the winner 7 times.