Match Prediction: LDLC OL - Karmine Corp | LoL

While the world of the competitive League of Legends is preparing for the start of the main match of the year, the Worlds 2022 finals, the League regions are having their own battles. France is one of those.

There now reaches the climax of the Coupe de France 2022, where 24 teams are fighting for 10,000 euros. Yes, the tournament cannot be called global, and the prize is not entirely significant, but I don’t advise you to discount what is happening at Coupe de France 2022.

There are big players here with claims to the global league, and our match is just such a confrontation. We figure out who will be stronger in the LDLC OL vs. Karmine Corp fight and will advance to the final, and who is destined to leave the event at the TOP-4 stage.


LDLC OL will be the absolute favorite in this match. The chance of this French club to win is estimated at around 1.1.

Such a figure suggests that there will be one team in Summoner's Rift in this match - and this is LDLC OL. But is everything really so deplorable for their counterpart?

LDLC is a major player in the competitive European League of Legends scene. The team is not represented in the LEC franchise league, however, it plays consistently at TIR-2 tournaments bordering on TIR-1.

And they play pretty well. We see this from the performance of the team in 2022.

LDLC OL Performance

After an indistinct 2021 season, where the team took 9th and 5th place in the LFL, the team has risen in the current season. He announced a roster at the start of 2022, the team sharply gained in performance.

At LFL Spring 2022, the team took first place, beating BDS in the grand final with a score of 3-2.

Then there was the second place at the European Masters Spring 2022, where they lost to Karmine Corp in the final with a score of 1-3. LDLC OL later won the LFL title again.

Before Coupe de France 2022, the team visited the European Masters Summer 2022. This time the situation was a little worse than in spring - TOP-4.

At Coup De France 2022 itself, the team started its journey from the second stage of the playoffs. On the way to this match, LDLC OL beat Atletic (2-0) and Team Oplon (3-0).

Composition of LDLC OL

  • Ragner
  • Yike
  • Eika
  • Ecakick
  • Doss

The team has been playing in this roster for a little less than a year. LDLC reformatted their line-up in January of this year. The stability of the roster naturally leads to good results, which we see this year.

Heroes LDLC OL

LDLC OL play in the meta, but there are some corrections for the author's style. The most chosen one is Apehelios. Appeared 31 times in 94 games. Of the supports, Rakan is preferred (24 matches, 22 wins).

Next comes Viego (28 matches, 24 wins). Ahri appears on the mid lane more often than others (24 games, 18 wins).

In the TOP, characters are selected for teamfight and control. So, for example, Ornn was picked 18 times, winning 15 games.

Form Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp. will play as an outsider in this match. The chance of this French club to win is estimated at around 6 odds.

Looking at the coefficient for the first time, one wonders how this can be. The club is prominent, with claims to the LEC next season. Later, you look at the performance and understand everything.

The team in the 2022 season was not saved even by the star Rekkles. The Swede did not bring any results, although there were hopes for him, that's for sure.

Performance Karmine Corp

Compared to the last competitive season, this one is also going well. However, at the end of the season, the team failed.

At LFL Spring, where LDLC OL triumphed, the team took 3rd place, leaving Team BDS. There were more to come.

The team qualified for the European Masters Spring 2022, where they were successful. Karmine Corp became champions, defeating future rivals from LDLC OL in the final.

The triumph at the European Masters Spring was overshadowed by the performance at the LFL Summer 2022. After such a confident performance at the Masters, the team failed to climb above the TOP-6 at the LFL Summer 2022, which did not give them the opportunity to repeat the result of the spring EU Masters.

At Coup De France, Karmine Corp were close to failing in their second round playoff matchup against TPAA. Having outplayed the first opponents with a score of 3-2, the team reached the Misfits Premier, where they won with a score of 3-1.

Composition Karmine Corp

  • Wao
  • Cabochard
  • 113
  • Hantera

Roster headliners are Cabochad and SAKEN. Both players have experience playing for different European clubs such as Vitality.

Previously, there was Rekkles, but the Swedes' ambitions are higher, and therefore he no longer plays in the active roster.

Heroes Karmine Corp

Compared to LDLC OL, Karmine Corp is playing its own game. Hence the rather unusual choice of characters.

Most picked Leone (21 matches, 16 wins), Xin Zhao (21 games, 15 wins).

From ADC they take: Jinx (15 games, 9 matches), Ezrael (12 matches, 6 matches).

Viego (16 matches, 7 wins), Lee Sin (15 games, 12 wins) often stands in the forest.

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams met several times during the season. Over the last 5 matches, Karmine Corp has 2 wins, but one of them came at the final of the European Masters Spring 2022.

The outcome of the fight

As the season progressed, LDLC OL gained momentum, which can be seen with the naked eye. Karmime Corp, on the other hand.

No matter how nicer LDLC OL looks, I don't expect a clear victory from them. Karmine Corp are able to pick up at least a card, which with a win odd of 6 should be worthy. however, they do not see victory.

Outcome: victory for LDLC OL.

According to leading bookmakers predictions, the team LDLC OL are the favorite with average odds 1.06 at the moment. Respectively, bookmakers consider Karmine Corp to be the outsider of the match with odds on a victory in the sum of about 8.853.

How did the participants perform in the last matches

Last MatchesLDLC OL Karmine Corp
5 matches (wins)43
10 matches (wins)85

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents. The competitors have held 10 matches. In these matches LDLC OL won 5 times, Karmine Corp active consisits of 5 wins.