Match Prediction: Huya MOJ - Edward Gaming | LoL

We continue to watch what is happening at Demacia Cup 2022, the last major tournament of 2022. In the Chinese region, he brought together the top representatives of the local competitive scene and promising young lineups.

Today we are talking about the match between Huya MOJ and EDward Gaming. The most readable and predictable match of all the quarterfinals. At least on paper it is.

There is such an abyss between the teams in terms of names and tags that it is difficult to imagine. However, both are here, which means both are worthy of our attention. Perhaps even more than the rest.

Still, when an obvious underdog goes to fight against a world champion club, it becomes interesting: can he surprise a team that, in general, is not used to being surprised? Let's look for an answer to this question.

EDward Gaming Uniform

Let's start the review of the duel with an analysis of the form of the first violin of this duel. The EDward Gaming team is in the status of a favorite here.

The bookmakers are predicting an easy win for EDG, giving odds around 1.1. A large-scale gap in quotes in favor of EGW is due to the status of the team.

The fact that EGD can play LoL is not new. The snag is whether EDG can recover from the off-season and reach the next level.


Doubts about EDG arise when you look at the declared roster for participation in Demacia Cup 2022. EDG has 8 players at once:

  • Xiaoxiang
  • JunJia
  • Cyku
  • Fisher
  • leave
  • Xiamu
  • doG8
  • Mni

There is such a hodgepodge that go figure it out, but we'll try. First, and most importantly, this is not an EDward Gaming sample of the past Worlds 2022, and even less a sample of the championship Worlds 2021.

The second is still EDG globally. The infrastructure of the club, the principle of working with the team and strong management are in place and have not gone anywhere. The latter inspire confidence in the success of EGD, fortunately with an opponent lucky, but more on that later.

EGD Performance

The 2021 World Champions and Top 8 Worlds 2022 team has yet to play on the tournament stage since the last World Cup. The team has only to go through the formation, and there is not much time for this within the framework of the Demacia Cup.

Form Huya MOJ

Let's continue the analysis of the match with a review of the form of Huya MOJ. This team will appear before us in the status of an underdog.

The chance of Huya MOJ winning is estimated by bookmakers at odds around 4.8. It seems to be a compliment.

You rarely see a quote for an amateur team so acceptable for a competitive LoL. Apparently, the bookmakers believe in the potential of Huya MOJ and it seems not in vain.

Huya MOJ line-up

Perhaps we have future LPL stars in front of us, but so far nothing good can be said about the players of Huya MOJ. And yes, it can't be bad.

Huya MOJ players

  • bcig
  • gwrm
  • baicaiovo
  • wzy
  • Geeli

There are no big names here, but there is already some performance. As part of the Demacia Cup, of course.

Performance Huya MOJ

The team appeared on the open spaces of competitive LoL actually a few days ago. The only tournament where we could watch Huya MOJ was and still is Demacia Cup 2022.

At Demacia Cup 2022, the team got into the first stage of the championship. She played Swiss with another 15 amateur clubs and looked very confident there.

In the second round, Huya MOJ reached the second place from the Swiss, having won 4 matches out of 5 played. In the second round, the team received a technical victory against LPL resident LGD Gaming, and later beat another resident and Worlds 2019 champion, FPX, with a score of 2-0, which added to their interest.

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play each other in official matches. The fight within the quarterfinals of Demacia Cup 2022 will be the first official face-to-face team.

Match outcome

Guided by strict logic and common sense, there is no way to choose Huya MOJ as the winner in this match. However, competitive LoL is not always about sound analysis.

Defeating FPX, who retained the key players in the new season, is great for Huya MOJ's reputation. This requires skills, even though the “phoenixes” themselves are no longer the same. But then there is the option that EDward Gaming is not “the same”. In fact, it is.

There was absolutely no one left of the stellar and well-played EDG roster. Now they are a dark horse. It is not clear what and who to play. It is not clear both for me and, apparently, for the club itself, since 8 performers have been announced at once.

For the first time, I cautiously choose the winner of the team for which they give 1.1, but I believe in the competition from Huya MOJ.

Outcome: victory for EDG.

At the moment, the majority of bookmakers unanimously see the team Edward Gaming as the favorite of the game with average odds on a victory in the sum of 1.146. Huya MOJ chances to prevail are evaluated with average odds 6.99 by bookmakers.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last MatchesHuya MOJ Edward Gaming
5 matches (wins)44
10 matches (wins)48

We will also remind you of the statistics of matches that the teams played with each other. The competitors have held 0 matches. In these battles Huya MOJ got 0 victories while Edward Gaming managed to take 0 matches.