Riot Games organized a music camp

The League of Legends developers spoke about the organization of the music camp in collaboration with Universal Music Publishing Group. Its main goal will be to recruit composers from the above label to write special tracks for the 2020 World Championship.

The camp was founded in one of the largest cities in China, Shanghai, and 14 Chinese musicians became its participants: Chiyo, Matzka, Gong, Daniel Kim, Rtruenahmean, Moi Yang, Laird Yu, Tian Mi, JZlee, Dru Chen, Chris Lyon, Nia Yang, Xiao Junfeng and Rabitt. Together, they will work on six tracks that are used in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship promo campaign.

Riot Games announced that they are planning to host the 2020 World Championship offline from September 25 to October 31. This time the World Championship will be held not in several locations, as usual, but in one. It will be the same Shanghai, and the venue will be Pudong Soccer Stadium. Initially, the organizers wanted to hold different stages of the event in different locations, but later the decision was changed.

Last year, virtual music group True Damage performed at the 2019 World Championship opening ceremony with their track GIANTS. At the moment, the clip has over 108 million views.