BRCC Summer 2019

General information

BRCC Summer 2019 will be taking place from 21 January till 21 April. Six collectives will participate in this event. According to the place they get, any of the participants will get to BRCC Promotion, BRCC Winter 2019, CBLOL Promotion or CBLOL Winter 2019. The playoff will be held in Brazil, in São Paulo, and the holding place was defined to be BBL studio.

Holding format

Group stage

This stage will be held by Triple Round Robin system, which means that each participant will get 27 Bo1 matches. 1-4 places will get to the playoff, while the 5-6 place will lead the players to BRCC Winter Promotion.


Four collectives will play in Single Elimination bracket. All the matches will be played in Bo5 format, while the best team will get a slot at CBLOL Winter 2019.

CBLOL Promotion

Here the teams that will get the 7 place at CBLOL Summer 2019 and the 2 place at BRCC Summer 2019. The match will be held in Bo5 format. The winner will get to CBLOL Winter 2019, while the loser will get to BRCC Winter 2019.

BRCC Promotion

At the Bo5 match the collective getting the 5-6 place will be performing at BRCC Summer 2019 together with the winners of BRCC Promotion Access. The winner of Promotion will get qualified for BRCC Winter 2019.

Tie break

The advantage belongs to the teams that:
— have the biggest quantity of won games
— have lost the least time to win

In extreme cases the situation will be solved with the help of repeated meetings of the participants.

Prize pool

The main prize pool will consist of R$40,000 (~$10,777). The collectives getting the 5-6 places in the tournament bracket will get to BRCC Promotion 2019 and will get R$3,500 (~$943) each. The teams, that will gain the 3 and 4 places, will get R$6,500 (~$1751) and R$5,500 (~$1482) each, respectively, and will go to the next season of BRCC Winter 2019. The champion and the vice-champion will get money prizes of R$12,000 (~$3233) and R$9,000 (~$2425), correspondingly.