Greetings, my Dear Friend! How About a new Hearthstone Adventure?

Not long ago, players and companies received an invitation to a “once-in-a-lifetime event”, the invitation to which sharing similarities to the mysterious letters players received a couple weeks ago. This new release is likely to be a single player adventure (my personal favorites!), as it describes the event as an “unforgettable adventure”.

Now that the Year of the Kraken is in place, and Blizzard intends on moving forward with the game’s new expansions in Standard format, they will be releasing 3 new content packages per year, as so that the amount of cards rotating in and out of Standard format will be relatively equal as each year passes by. Earlier this year, we saw the Whispers of the Old Gods, but that was in April. There are only a little over 4 months left in the year, and with only 1 expansion released so far, we are bound to expect something special come late this year.

The invitation states that the place and time will be Thursday, July 28th at 11:00 PM PDT, at The dates and time line up perfectly with Chinajoy, a convention taking place in Shanghai. It is likely we will see the announcement from there. Us at EGW will be watching the stream, and will update you all on Thursday when it happens. Let’s get excited for a new Adventure!

The full invitation can be found below.