Czech Republic national team became the champion of Hearthstone Global Games 2017

Hearthstone Global Games 2017 championship is over, where the national teams participated. The total number of participants was 48, and the general prize pool was about $332,000. In grand final of the championship, the national teams of Czech Republic and Ukraine met. The first team became the winner – Czech players beat the opponent with 4:2 score and get the reward of $60,000.

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Prize pool distribution:

1 place: Czech Republic national team - $60,000
2 место: Ukraine national team - $40,000
3 место: USA national team - $20,000
4 место: South Korea national team - $20,000

Roster of Czech Republic national team:

Jaromír "JáraVyskočil" Vyskočil
Petr "CzechCloud" Žalud
Mikuláš "Pokrovac" Dio
Stanislav "StanCifka" Cifka

Roster of Ukraine national team:

Aleksandr «Kolento» Malsh
Eugenii «Neirea» Shumilin
Artem «DrHippi» Kravets
Nikolai «NickChipper» Veluchko