Dreamhack Austin Concludes with their Champion!

Dreamhack Austin Concludes with their Champion!

                For those of them who know Chakki, he has been known as a player who is incredibly good and consistent – at taking second place. Chakki has now participated in 8 high level tournaments that he placed in the top 3, but not a single one took home the gold. Finally, Chakki has proved his strong method of play and took first place at the first Dreamhack event in North America.

                Chakki played out the event masterfully. He had a couple of close games, including his first round matchup against fr0zen, which he took in a close 3-1. This match was where the dreaded N’Zoth Paladin was revealed which, in total, lost only 1 game and won 6. This deck has proved to strike fear into ladder opponents and, now, tournament attendees alike. Best seat ever!

                The next 2 games were against Jasm (USA) and Payton (China), both of which were decisive 3-0 finishes. At this point, players around the world rolled their eyes – surely, another second place. Myself as well as many others were pleased to be proven wrong.

                His final opponent, TerrenceM, was easily his most difficult of the tournament. The match began convincingly with a quick victory of the dreaded N’Zoth Paladin, but went into 2 losses for the American player against 2 different Shaman decks. As Terrence readied his third and final Shaman deck, Chakki moved on to his Warlock decks which, fortunately, were able to take 2 games in a row and finished the match 3-2. This was easily one of the most intense and entertaining match to watch that myself and many of my fellow players have seen.

                Congratulations go out to Chakki and his team, Dignitas, as he has taken home his first place prize along with $8,000 and 15 HCT points.